Thursday, April 10, 2014

Spring Decorating Vignettes

I don't think I've ever been so happy that Spring is finally here!  Winter really walloped us time and again, and, get this!  Dropped another couple inches of snow on us last week!  In April.  Crazy.
Dare I say she's finished?  The past several days have been quite warm, the birds are returning to the neighborhood, and the trees are finally beginning to bud ~ yay!
To celebrate Spring's arrival I dug out a few pieces to display throughout our home.  A few decoupaged eggs from Michael's nestle next to my antique, wooden rabbit:
Here on a side table I've placed a fuzzy bunny (a gift from my BFF), one of my a vintage, jadeite vases, and the gorgeous, antique glass and brass bowl my daughter picked up for me while traveling in Japan last year.
The small, pink platter is a vintage piece I picked up years ago while in traveling in southern California.
My favorite vignettes are the ones like these ~ made from special pieces from special people and places!
Hope your day is special!


Becky said...

Love it all! Such cute stuff from special people.

Jasper's Cottage said...

Love it, especially the fuzzy bunny! Here's to winter FINALLY being over for y'all. I really hope so, I haven't been to VA since November and I'm homesick. :-)

Missy Shay said...

How fun to have such sweet memories, of course the Nestle is a bonus!

LBP said...

Very pretty! Winter has been terrible this year, I am so glad it is getting warmer.

There are vintage jadeite vases?? I never knew! My sister collects Jadeite.


The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

Adorable decorations Cindy! I'll enjoy yours this year (our Kitchen remodel is still going on so I'm not even tempting myself by getting down my Easter/ Spring stuff!!) Love that wooden bunny (ok...I'm swooning in love with it lol!)
AND....I just want to say that your shirt dress is so doggone cute ~ you are truly the most clever person I know!! Have a super weekend :)

Jenny's Heart said...

Happy Easter!
Your Easter decor is so very elegant.
I love it.

Jenny's Heart said...

Happy Easter!
Your Easter decor is so very elegant.
I love it.

vintage grey said...

Sweet Easter decorations!! Wishing you a beautiful Easter! xo Heather