Thursday, October 23, 2014

Homemade Apple Pie & Pie Aprons

My BFF Melanie does so many things so wonderfully.  In fact, I think she's perfectly wonderful, the truest of all friends!

Our mutual love of pie goes way back.  This was us eating chocolate pie for breakfast in Vegas almost 20 years ago!

Despite her perfection, she struggles with making pie crusts and recently asked me to help her.

I'd never used a mechanical peeler before so this was fun.
We used Beth Howard's recipe and followed her proven techniques.  Click here for one of my prior posts about Beth (she's the true expert on pie making!).

I think where Melanie had been going wrong may have been that she'd been handling the crust too much, trying to make it perfect.

The quicker you can throw the ingredients in the bowl and fluff them together with your hands, the better.  I've found that my most flaky, buttery crusts have come from handling the pastry for less than 4 minutes ~ that's from the time I toss the ingredients together, roll the crust, and place it in the pie dish.  Fast.  Gotta be really fast!

Walah!  Melanie made a beautiful pie!

The crust was deliciously buttery and very flaky!

If you're looking for more pie baking inspiration, check out my Retro Revival pie aprons:
They're available in my Etsy shop...
...or message me for details.  I ship for free to my friends and family!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Smartphone & Leopard Booties

I've finally joined the modern world and bought a smartphone.  For a good two years I'd been resisting it ~ working from home I just didn't see the need.  Then my old flip phone started acting wonky and last week the GPS in the car died.  Yep, it was time!
So not only does my iPhone allow me to text till my heart's content (I got charged for this on my old phone), but I can take pictures!  This was the view on my walk yesterday...
And these are my new pony-haired leopard print booties.  I think they're so fabulous!
Yay for technology!  And leopard print!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Spooktacular Halloween Decorating

A touch of the macabre for Halloween
The bride and groom are my most favorite ghouls.
A small apothecary filled with miniature skulls.
A mercury glass pumpkin ~ a cherished gift from my BFF.
A pumpkin-headed ghost ~ see the black kitty popping out of the pumpkin?
And this little vignette
All I have left to do now is buy the candy for the little goblins who'll come knocking on the door soon!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fall & Thanksgiving Aprons

Fall seems to be flying by just about as quickly as the leaves are changing color here in the DC area.
And my Retro Revival apron orders are piling up as high as the raked leaves!
I think everyone is looking forward to Thanksgiving celebrations.
I know we are!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Dusty Buttons Vintage Shop

While Daughterlypoo and I were wandering the tree-lined streets of the East Village in NYC last weekend (previous post here), we discovered Dusty Buttons, the most beautiful vintage shop!  This gorgeous window drew us into the shop:
(Photo courtesy Dusty Buttons)
I just had to slip on the black polka dot and yellow roses dress...
Eek!  I fell in love and bought it!
Dusty Buttons has a fabulous selection of authentic, vintage dresses, and some new, retro options too.  And sprinkled throughout the shop are other vintage collectibles...
...and amazing retro-inspired shoes:
(Photo courtesy Dusty Buttons)
Amanda, the beautiful shop owner, is absolutely delightful!
Please visit her shop in person if you can or online here.  And please check out her Facebook page and become a fan ~ you're sure to fall in love with her like we did!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Perfect Weekend in NYC

I took the train up to visit Daughterlypoo last weekend.
We spent a morning in Central Park.
Jose De Creeft's Alice In Wonderland sculptures is probably my most favorite of all of the Central Park sculptures.
Another favorite spot in the park is the cast iron Bow Bridge:
After frolicking in the park we wandered over to the East Village to check out all of the vintage shops.
After all of the work I put in for the Occoquan craft show (click here for prior post), this was the perfect weekend ~ relaxing and kicking around town with the best daughter in the world!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

She Loves Her Apron!

So on day 1 of the Occoquan Craft Fair, this lovely young woman stopped by my booth and bought a Retro Revival apron.
Then she went home, slipped on her apron and whipped up an apple pie.
She was so excited about her new apron that she posted the picture on Facebook for me.  Thank you, Killiann, you rock!