Thursday, April 24, 2014

Insulated Flat Iron Travel Cases Product ReLaunch

Did I tell you that our daughter and her husband moved to NYC?  It's been their dream to live in the Big Apple and her recent job promotion made it possible!  Captain Project and I hopped on the train for a visit last weekend.
Guess what was in my vintage suitcase!  (Click here for the prior blog post on how I decorated it.)  My newly designed Retro Revival Travel Flat Iron Case, "Grab the Cab."

The new design is roomier and compartmentalized, yet still compact enough to easily fit inside even the smallest of suitcases and travel bags.  For this first-run of the new design (available in my Etsy shop), I used bright, fun travel motif fabrics.

"London Calling"


"World Traveler"

The sleek design has two compartments ~ one side for the flat iron and the other for the cord.

I don't know about you, but I am seriously attached to my flat iron and it's necessary to take it along on trips, but waiting around for it to cool off before packing it is such a pain!  With my new case there's no need to wait ~ I simply unplug it and slip it into this heat resistant (up to 400 F/204 C) case and I have no worries about damaging the contents of my suitcase.

"Pack Your Bags"

It's the perfect travel accessory for the gal who considers her flat iron, straightener, crimper, or curling iron an essential part of her beauty routine.  Ideal for travel, the gym, your bathroom cabinet, school, anywhere!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Spectacular Cherry Blossoms

We lucked out last week and picked the perfect day to visit the cherry blossoms in DC.
Mild temps and a perfectly blue sky.
And being a weekday afternoon, not too terribly crowded.
Laying on the ground, looking up under a canopy of cherry blossoms:
Some of the blossoms are very white:
My favorites are a delicate pink:
A spectacular show!  Thank you, Mother Nature!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Happy Easter

I found these little fuzz-covered clay peeps at a gift shop and couldn't resist scooping up a few of them!
They fit in perfectly with a few eggs, in my ceramic egg carton.

Wishing you all a very happy Easter!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Ms. American Pie Cookbook

Have you bought your copy of Beth Howard's new book, Ms. American Pie: Buttery Good Recipes and Bold Tales From the American Gothic House, yet?  It officially goes on sale tomorrow.
I've blogged about Beth before here and here and here, but in case you're new to this blog I can tell you that she is a great lady.  She's leading an adventurous life as a pie maker and beautiful story-teller.  And she chose to wear my Retro Revival "American Beauty" apron on the cover of her new book.  I'm so incredibly excited and thankful for this!
Beth is originally from Iowa, and resides now in the famous American Gothic house.  The picture of me in the corn field?  Taken by my BFF while I was visiting Iowa.  Beth and I met at the Great American Pie Festival in Florida a few years ago.  Gotta love meant-to-be connections!
Hope you'll pick up a copy of her book.  And take a minute to visit her Facebook page, called The World Needs More Pie.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Spring Decorating Vignettes

I don't think I've ever been so happy that Spring is finally here!  Winter really walloped us time and again, and, get this!  Dropped another couple inches of snow on us last week!  In April.  Crazy.
Dare I say she's finished?  The past several days have been quite warm, the birds are returning to the neighborhood, and the trees are finally beginning to bud ~ yay!
To celebrate Spring's arrival I dug out a few pieces to display throughout our home.  A few decoupaged eggs from Michael's nestle next to my antique, wooden rabbit:
Here on a side table I've placed a fuzzy bunny (a gift from my BFF), one of my a vintage, jadeite vases, and the gorgeous, antique glass and brass bowl my daughter picked up for me while traveling in Japan last year.
The small, pink platter is a vintage piece I picked up years ago while in traveling in southern California.
My favorite vignettes are the ones like these ~ made from special pieces from special people and places!
Hope your day is special!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Men's Shirt Refashion Tutorial {Dress Sewn for $6}

I made this dress in a couple of hours for just $6.

Talk about a lucky score!  I found a stash of enormous men's dress shirts at the Salvation Army for $2 a piece.  I grabbed four of them in this pretty, robin's egg blue color, and another four in a soft, buttery yellow.

I normally repurpose men's shirts into aprons like these (click here for details in a prior blog post):
...But decided to give dress-making a go this time.

I started by taking one shirt and narrowed the sleeves and bodice:

I picked the pocket off of a second shirt...

...Then cut it in half, just below the arms:

I baste stitched along the cut line then pulled the threads to gather it:

Then stitched closed the button placket:

I pinned the gathered shirt to the first shirt and sewed them together.

I topped stitched the waist, where the bodice meets the skirt:
The dress was complete.  Until I tried it on and realized it was way too short (at 5' 10" this is a very common problem for me!).  So, I took a third shirt and cut several inches off the bottom...

...And pinned it underneath the hem of the dress.  Following the hemline of the dress, I top stitched the pieces together and stitched down the button placket of the third shirt.

Dog walking on a sunny spring day was the perfect excuse for donning my new dress.  Notice Twyla's collar corsage?  Click here for the blog post on how I made it.


Oh, and why wear just one pearl necklace when you can pile on 7?!

I love it when I can elicit a big eye roll from Captain Project!