Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Vintage Finds

One of the things I most enjoy about your blogs is ogling over your flea market and estate sale finds.  On more than one occasion a fly on my wall has surely seen me drooling!  In the spirit of sharing, I give you...

My MOST AMAZING booty, fortune, stash, cache, score, flea market haul EVER!  There are not enough words to describe the sheer joy of my trip to our local flea last Saturday.  Put in perspective, I've been in a real flea funk these last several months ~ hardly finding a thing.

Not this time!

Eeek!  I've been wanting an old shopping cart forever.  Even better?  $10!  It's wheels are a bit cruddy and two spokes are broken but I don't care ~ I think she's a real beauty!  Luckily, I nabbed her early on in the day and she happily carried my treasures.

Yesterday I wheeled her over to the guest cottage...

...where the indoor light is a little better and snapped some close-ups to share with you:

Vintage pillow cases will be transformed into aprons (shocking!), a giant milk glass cup (probably a planter of some sort?) that I have no idea what I'll do with it but it was a buck and soooo pretty!  A little creamer and tea cup that I'm thinking of using for candles:

And this little darling:

(Guess I should've bathed her before taking pictures!)

I'm not sure exactly what kind of beast she is...a cow?  Donkey?  No matter, I love her and think she'll make a perfect pin cushion!

Anyone out there in Blogville know exactly what this is?

It's like a big creamer but with a whole in the bottom.  Odd, but again, for a buck I couldn't resist!

Eight vintage patterns.  Haven't decided what I'll do with them but am leaning toward some sort of decoupage project.

A big hobnail mirror and two wall scones.  Look at the ruffles.  Cute, right?!  They're plastic which probably explains why the vendor sold all three to me for $12.  Can you imagine these painted a robin's egg blue?  I'm considering.

And four frames.  The large one is oval with convex glass ~ gorgeous!  (If anyone knows the lady in the photo let me know).  The three small ones are probably going to get a coat of paint.

I feel like I've turned a corner and have now entered the world of Flea Market Find Awesomeness.  I'm happy to be here and am gonna enjoy my stay ~ already thinking ahead to my next visit!


Paula Parrish said...

Hello Cindy,
Yes, you did hit the jackpot with this junk {treasure} haul. You found some many wonderful super sought after items, like the vintage frames. Maybe? That is a April fools sugar container {haha}, when you pick it up all the sugar falls out on the table. Have a great day.
Smiles, Paula

Mimos da Claralú! said...

Hello dear friend Cindy!
How are you?
Cindy, I have already sent the email to you, ok?
And I also say that these pieces that you just posted are beautiful!

Christina said...

Those are some FANTASTIC finds! I have no idea what dish that is though, I'm interested to find out what other readers think! My Grandmother had an old shopping cart just like that. I have great memories of my brother and I taking turns riding in it in her basement.

Jingle said...

Wow! Awesome finds! That cart is amazing and, personally, I think it's better when things like that are a little cruddy and beaten - I like to imagine the stories of where they have been! :-)

Jenny's Heart said...

That is a haul. Everything is just great. I look forward to seeing all you create with your treasures :)

Blessed Serendipity said...

You got some real treasures there Cindy! Love all your finds. How fun that you found a cart too to bring all your treasures home. Hope you have a fantastic day.


Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

Flea market find awesomeness for sure! I want one of those carts specifically for bringing to the farm chicks show!

My Vintage Mending said...

Amazing....total score! I can't wait to see that donkey pinny. Careful, this gets addictive. Smiles...Renee

Michaele said...

How exciting! I have a favorite place called Pickers Paradise I haven't been too in a while. Now you have me itching to go back. LOVE that shopping cart. I can think of so many things to do with it : )
Also, I am thinking - donkey? Cute.

Betty Lou said...

Love the old finds that you can find at flea markets. You scored!

Into Vintage said...

I hope somebody will tell us what the thing with the hole in it is ... I've never seen one before. Score!! on the cart - I sold one recently at a vintage sale - you got a great price on yours!

Into Vintage said...

I hope somebody will tell us what the thing with the hole in it is ... I've never seen one before. Score!! on the cart - I sold one recently at a vintage sale - you got a great price on yours!

Anne G said...

Cindy - this stuff is so cool! Do you fix it up and sell it, or keep it? I think the "creamer" with the hole in the bottom is a planter. My grandmother used to have some similar to that.

Donna said...

You did find some great things! I love everything you purchased.

Becky said...

Holy guacamole! What a haul! I loves that little donkey/cow/soon to be a pincushion. Holler if you plan to sell it once done.

Do you get sad when you come across the family portraits? I do. I want to adopt all of 'em, give 'em names and say they are mine relatives.

Perfectly Printed said...

Looks like you had a great time at the flea market...and you brought home lots of treasures!!


Liz said...

You got *great* stuff! Excellent score. It kills me that my garage saling days and blogging didn't intersect. I can remember spreading out my haul on the rug and calling my mother to rave about each find. What fun to share it with the world.

Nurse Kat said...

I love love love flea market shopping! Its amazing how many different ways you can repurpose things!

Cottage Dreaming said...

I luv flea markets also....have been shopping at them since I was a little girl....got all my toys there and still get all my goodies there. :) It's better than buying the new junk the stores sell today I think. :)