Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Wilendur Tablecloth-inspired Skirt

You all know how deeply obsessed I am with vintage tablecloths, right?  I'm forever traipsing through thrift stores and flea markets looking for tossed-aside beauties like these to up-cycle into fabulous Retro Revival aprons.

Occasionally, I'll find a real treasure ~ a pristine, vintage tablecloth with no stains or holes, like this perfectly preserved Wilendur (with the original tag):
I think this pattern is called, "American Beauty."  Aptly named!

Recently, my bloggy friend CoriLyn from Poodles And Pincurls mentioned one of her favorite online dress sources, Trashy Diva.  I clicked on over to their website and found this!

OMGosh!  A Wilendur-inspired skirt!  Eke!

You can see how closely it resembles my tablecloth!

OK, I'll stop with the exclamation points, but you can imagine my excitement when I found this.
This is now my absolute favorite skirt.  It was the perfect skirt for sipping cocktails with Captain Project last weekend.



Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

Aw, I love Cori Lynn and you look simply smashing! :)

As much as I love vintage, I dress very modern but I love seeing the outfits you girls wear!

I have never found a vintage table cloth that still had a tag. Maybe if I could get to the city more often!

Perfectly Printed said...

Love it!! So Mad Menish!

Becky said...

Oh you with your impossibly small wait! You look Fantastic!!!!!!

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Finding that tagged gorgeous Wilendur tablecloth, fantastic!
Buying and wearing a matching
skirt...priceless! Looks great.

Your post deserves all those exclamation marks, LOL. :) Pam

CoriLynn said...

Hehe! I was very excited by all your exclamation marks! And thank you for mentioning me! My eyes got huge and I giggled! xoxo!!!
That tablecloth is unbelievably beautiful! And the skirt looks perfect on you. I'm so glad you found something at Trashy Diva. I was pretty obsessed with that skirt myself. Saving all my cash for the Hopscotch dress though! ;)
~lots and lots of xoxo! CoriLynn

vintage grey said...

Wow, so gorgeous!!! And, how wonderful to find a beautiful, tagged Wilendur tablecloth!! So neat!! And, you look beautiful! xo Heather

donna said...

Love your new skirt. I am in love with vintage table cloths as well. I have not found a good one in a while. They usually have stains and are pricey. Bummer.
Happy 4th of July.

Little Susie Home Maker said...

Are you kidding me?!!!! Yes, exclamation marks!! That find is simply awesome, and I would be freaking out with excitement. And then to make a skirt to match? you are so cool, and you look great in it! Happy you!!

~Xo said...

Beautiful skirt! Have a great 4th of July!

The Pink Rose Cottage said...

The lovely Wilendur pattern in Royal Rose. It comes in red, yellow, pink, and blue! It's a must have in all Wilendur collections! Even better with the tag!