Thursday, June 27, 2013

New Shower Cap Collection for Summer 2013

To celebrate summer, I am rolling out the Retro Revival Summer 2013 Shower Cap Collection!  16 new prints:
If you happen to be keeping track, this brings my total fabric selection to 75!
This summer's collection includes nautical-inspired prints:
Garden-inspired florals:
And new novelty prints like "Polished," featuring a manicure motif:
Surely, you'll find something you like, something that matches your personality, coordinates with your bathroom, or just makes you smile.
Summer may mean hot, sticky weather, but wearing one of these waterproof, washable shower caps will keep your beautiful blow-out dry and humidity-free while you bathe!  I'm listing them in my Etsy shop and on my website if you'd like to see more details.
Hope your summer's off to a great start!


CoriLynn said...

Oh my goodness! These are all sooooo adorable!! I couldn't decide before which one to get, and now I'm really in trouble!!! Those yellow roses! Beautiful! Annndd polka dots, stripes, POODLES! One is not going to be enough! ;)
~xoxo, CoriLynn

Amy Jo said...

I love your new shower cap!! The one I have I wear all the time in the tub. It really is great (and my husband thinks its sexy ;).

Amy JO

SizzleandZoom said...

My favorite is the first one pictured. I, also, like the garden floral

ImagiMeri said...

Almost makes me wish I cared how my hair looks! I'm far from a lady and never worry about what I look like except if hubby and I go out, which is rare these days. Usually I just sit/putter around the house in one of my craft/crappy t-shirts, shorts and slippers. If you saw my paper doll class post, you can see how "dressed" up I get......pitiful.


Anonymous said...

So wonderful, great work. I love all the different patterns and colours.
Have a great weekend.