Thursday, July 4, 2013

Home From Afghanistan!

It's our country's birthday, but I'm the one getting the present ~ our brave son is back home on American soil!

We're so relieved and grateful he's home, safe and sound, from his second deployment to the middle east!  Yujin, his sweet wife, is with him to help him re-acclimate! (Don't mind Davey's glum expression ~ he was tired from 30+ hours of travel!)

Wishing you all a wonderful, celebratory 4th of July.

And remember, be careful handling incendiary devices when wearing your firecracker necklace!


Colleen said...

Happy Independence Day to you and your family! Hug your son (when you get the chance) for the whole country!

Betty Lou said...

Your family got the best July 4 th present ever. Hope son doesn't have another deployment. I think I'll pass on wearing the beautiful necklace, I would be my own fire racked for sure.

ImagiMeri said...

Oh Cindy, what a happy, happy 4th you're having. God Bless, and please give a big hug and thank your son for his service and for our freedom, from me.


vintage grey said...

Aww, so happy that your son is home safe!! Tell him "Thank You" for serving our beautiful country!! ;) Happy 4th of July!! xo Heather

E said...

Welcome home and thanks for your sacrifice (family too) My work takes me to Ft. Campbell regularly I have a deep appreciation for our troops and their families ! Happy 4th, Elaine

Tammy's in Love said...

What a happy holiday! So glad that you have your boy back home! We had the four plane 'fly over' at the parade today and it made me cry. My son is in the South Pacific, not in harm's way but FAR FROM HOME just the same. He enlisted after 9/11 and will have 11 years in the Air Force in August; I'm proud but miss my boy. Happy 4th!

Shari said...

Welcome home, David! Yujin is just beautiful.


Shari said...

Welcome home, David! Yujin is just beautiful.


Jenny's Heart said...

What a blessing!
He is home safe!
Tell him thank you from us for his service!