Thursday, July 24, 2014

Bouquet Beauty Creation

Another Retro Revival "Bouquet Beauty" in progress.
A little field of lavender hued flowers meant to adorn a pretty head.
Remember the last one I showed you?
When I first created this (prior post here), I really did it for the whimsy of it.  Never did I imagine it would sell!  But it did.  Two months on, and I've sold several of them (available in my Etsy shop).
How could you not smile wearing one of these?!
Making them is a true labor of love.  I painstakingly sew each flower (this lavender one has over 70 flowers on it!) on to the cap.  Totally worth it, though, especially when I hear from my happy customers.
Ellen shared a picture of herself in her Pink "Bouquet Beauty," and said, "FABULOUS!  It feels good on and every girl out there will look pretty as can be while wearing this.  It has a nice balance and no, it isn't heavy at all.  I will be wearing it while swimming in my pool!  Because I am just that glamorous. Glamour and quality cost money. This is well worth it.  In fact, I am ordering a spare.  Yes, it's that good.  My friends need to be glamorous too when they visit. You are never too old to play and have fun."
I got such a kick out of her saying, "Because I am just that glamorous."  What a hoot!  And I couldn't agree more!


CoriLynn said...

These are too fabulous, and you are so amazingly talented!! Think I said it on FB, but if not, Happy 5 years!!! Yay!!

Marlynne said...

So Cute! Would certainly make a statement!

Missy Shay said...

What a fun idea!