Thursday, October 3, 2013

Gingham Sleep Masks

I've stitched up a new batch of Sleep Masks, or what I like to call my Retro Revival Sleeping Beauties.

I've added four new gingham fabrics to my collection.  I now offer them a rainbow of gingham options, including aqua, raspberry pink, black & white, red, baby pink and baby blue.  Other fabrics are available too ~ 14 in all!

They're perfect for prolonging your beauty sleep ~ keeping the sunlight out of your eyes and extending your sweet dreams.  If you're searching for a little gift for family and friends, or for yourself, you can find them in my Etsy shop.


donna said...

Gingham is so wonderful. Your sleeping masks are so cute and a great idea.

Missy Shay said...

I love these masks, gingham is always a great choice!

SizzleandZoom said...

I like sleeping masks and have frequently used them. Are you putting these in your shop?

Paula Parrish said...

Your new sleep mask are super cute. They are a great gift idea for Christmas. ;o)

Michaele said...

I will be busting your shop at Christmas time. These are darling!

CoriLynn said...

Love gingham!! So so cute!
~xoxo, CoriLynn