Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Bottle Brush Trees + Vintage Planters = Christmas Cheer!

My fascination with repurposing vintage planters continues.
I picked up these beauties when we were still on the farm in Florida.  I placed a bottle brush tree in them and then went to town adorning them with all sorts of Christmas baubles.
This sweet girl (and the Santa) is a 1950s Napco.  She wears angel's wings and is carrying an armful of gifts in her mitten-ed and muff-ed hands.  Around her Christmas hat and coat is that wonderful spaghetti trim so adored by collectors.  And notice her ruffled dress?  It's a gorgeous shade of turquoise blue.
This little gal is holding a lantern in her gloved hand.  Her face is so sweet.
Tucked in among the new and newer decorations are vintage goodies...
...Including teeny tiny elves, reindeer and Santa.
I had so much fun making these!  And bonus?  I feel as though most of my finger prints have been seared off from the glue gun so if my Retro Revival career falters, maybe I can become a criminal!  Hahahaha!
If you know of anyone who might be interested in these, please direct them to my Etsy shop.  Believe it or not, Christmas orders are pouring in and I'm happy to report that the selling season is off to a brisk start!


madelein said...

This post makes me wanna go shopping on ebay :-)

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

Oh I love these and hope you can sell them all!

I don't usually like things to be too ornate but when it comes to Christmas- there's no limits! ♥

Shirley Hatfield said...

Believe me...you will have no trouble finding homes for those adorable Christmas planters! How much cuteness can I bear? As much as you can dish out! =D

harriette said...

I love this post! Your planters are wonderful and and wonderfully decorated! I am a huge fan of planters and I just got a christmas girl one this past weekend! I cant wait to play around and decorate mine, stop by soon to check it out!!

Tammy's in Love said...

Hilarious! When we adopted our kids internationally we had to be fingerprinted. Doing my husband's finger for the third time the agent grabbed it and stared as he said, "Did you burn that!?!?" My husband vaguely remembered a campfire when he was a kid in Scouts. It works but I don't suggest it or becoming a mobster for that matter...smile.

vintage grey said...

Oh, these are so sweet!!! Glad your season has started off great!! xo Heather

donna said...

So cute. You did a wonderful job. I had a chance to buy a Santa like that really cheap and I past it up. When I went back it was gone. I was so bummed.

ImagiMeri said...

Gorgeous and so my style! As I write this, I'm already pulling out the multitudes of Christmas decor and goin' to town. Even though I host Thanksgiving at my house, I skip the decor and go right to Christmas.