Thursday, September 26, 2013

Eastern Market {Flea Market}

The temperatures are dropping a bit here in the D.C. area and it's perfect fall weather for heading out to explore our new city.  Daughterlypoo trained down from Philly and we spent a morning strolling through the Eastern Market, a landmark flea with food and arts, located in the Capital Hill neighborhood of D.C.  It's been in business since 1873!
I knew it was going to be my kind of flea market when we walked through the gates and these little piggies greeted us!  I bought a black one to add to my collection.
The Market had lots of handmade jewelry and these vintage goodies.  Bought a couple of brooches for my collection (how many collections do I have exactly?!).
These little hats are for dogs.  Yes, dogs! Marc, the owner of The Harvey Bone-A-Part Boutique creates these for small pooches.
Ebony of Bermuda Triangle sells all sorts of gorgeous, vintage frocks, purses and train cases.  Yep, bought one ~ a beautiful hat box (worthy of its own blog post so more on it later).
We saw lots of architectural pieces and these metal letters.
And aren't these sweet?!
Beth of Tiger Flight makes these adorable owls and other creatures from sweaters.
Indoors at the Market is an amazing assortment of locally and farm-grown food stuffs.  Authentic butchers, fishmongers and bakers sell all sorts of tantalizing food.  It reminds me a lot of Reading Market in Philly, only smaller.

Pretty flowers too.

Hoping to visit the Georgetown Flea Market next weekend.  Have you discovered a great new place lately?


Becky said...

I wanna visit and shop!!! What a nifty market! And Daughter riding the train to join you is super cool.

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

Oh my! All those travel cases! I love the round ones and hard shell ones.

I would have to go over an hour away to attend a flea market so I just hit to thrifts, garage sales and antique shops. ♥

Missy Shay said...

What fun, I love flea markets, especially ones that don't cost and arm and a leg! LOL

Amy Jo said...

That looks like such fun!! I am waiting for the Fancy Flea coming in November!!

Amy jo

CoriLynn said...

I want to come shop! This is awesome! Love the dog hats!!
There is nothing wrong with collections ;)!! Hehe! I have quite a few! Ha!
~xoxo, CoriLynn