Thursday, April 11, 2013

Red Barn

Remember our barn?

We've given it a major makeover!

Another opportunity to amuse ourselves!

We realized we'd left out Twyla and had to remedy that!

I love the bright contrast of the red next to our guest cottage, newly painted too (click here to see my previous post showing the inside of the cottage), and our farm house.

I sure am going to miss this place.  19 days till our move to the big city!


Anonymous said...

I can imagine you are going to miss this. It is gorgeous !!!
Maybe you can return some day ??
Have a wonderful day.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Your barn is so cute! Even prettier in red! I love the pictures, especially the one with Twyla:) It's hard to believe you'll be leaving this lovely place, but I am wishing you nothing but happiness in the city! Twyla

Becky said...

I loves the re-does! But where do you keep the cows and chickens?


Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

You're moving? I can't believe it.
The little red barn is too cute.
T.H.(the honey) wants a new shed/barn...and I'd love it to be RED!


Michaele said...

Oh I do hope you don't sell the place. It would be wonderful to keep for retirement.

CoriLynn said...

Since I've wanted to live in the country my entire life, this is breaking my heart!! :( Your property is beautiful!! But onto bigger, better things right??
Yay for the city!!!
~xoxo, CoriLynn

Carmen said...

This place looks so happy! I'd love to live in that cottage... :-)

ImagiMeri said...

Ya know, you can just give me the place sweetie......then you don't have to worry about who will care for it........LOL


Paula Parrish said...

I love the new color of your barn. I have also been partial to a barn with the traditional colors of red and white. Nice Work! ;o)

donna said...

Love your barn and oh my your cottage is gorgeous. I am so sorry you are having to leave. Love your pictures you are so cute.

chris mckinley said...

I'm sure you will miss your darling country home! Are you able to come back and visit? chris

lln001 said...

Cindy, so cute!!! It will be hard to leave I'm sure!!!

Anonymous said...

I know you will miss "home" nut you will return. Just another chapter in your life.