Thursday, April 18, 2013

Glamorous Vintage Laundry

What?!  Don't you wear heels and pearls to do laundry?

Surrounded by all of these gorgeous vintage tablecloths, I couldn't dirty up the pictures with just any old garb!

I'm working on upcycling most of these into Retro Revival aprons.

Did you notice my vintage laundry cart?

My grandmother Lela's clothespin bag is hanging from the cart.

Hope you have a glamorous day, even if you've got to do the laundry!


Colleen said...

Your laundry is beautiful! My friends laugh at me because when I want to seem a little 'tough' I say I'll wear plaid with my pearls!

Donna said...

Oh, I love it! Can't wait to see the aprons you create with those lovely, gorgeous tablecloths!

ImagiMeri said...

Okay now you can just upcycle those right on over here to my house....LOL

Seriously girlfriend, I hope you can have this much fun in the city!


Betty Lou said...

What a beautiful collection of old printed tablecloths. Seeing them on the line reminded me that my mother always said to hang your clothesline high so you have to reach to hang clothes, it's good for the waistline. Of course she was only 4"11"' so all clotheslines were a stretch.

Into Vintage said...

I would drive my car right off the road if I saw all of these hanging on the line ... the very best kind of laundry!

Mecky said...

Oh my, you have a great collection of tablecloths! They look great hanging out to dry. I am sure your neighbors enjoyed the view!!

Anonymous said...

So beautiful. I wouldn't wear my old clothing in between those vintage linens too.
Have a great day.

CoriLynn said...

Um.. doesn't everybody dress like that for laundry? ;)
You can just set aside those two rose tablecloths for me right now! :P Special listing?? HeHe!!
So Beautiful!!!
~xoxo, CoriLynn

Donna said...

Too cute! I would wear pearls if I had your beautiful tablecloths to hang on the line!

Lesa said...

You do look glamorous! I never thought to wear my pearls to the line, but a girl always feels good in her pearls!

I hope you don't mind a question? I know you must have tons of expertise to have your linens look so beautiful. Can you suggest something to remove the spots on a pair of pillowcases? My namesake great aunt embroidered the peacock pillowcases in 1923, the year she died, and they have come to me. So far I've done absolutely nothing to them for fear of doing the wrong thing. I'd appreciate any ideas.

Jenny's Heart said...

oh course i wear heels and pearls! lol

Greenmare said...

you are soooo cute! I am a huge fan of vintage textiles, and I love love love the laundry basket and clothespin bag!!

Amy Jo said...

I love these pics!! How fun to do laundry in pearls... those table cloths are going to be darling aprons. I can't wait to see how they turn out.

Amy Jo

Shari said...

Cindy, I love your table cloths and your dress. I'm hoping to find a vintage table cloth to use to make curtains for my kitchen window. I just love the vibrant colors used in vintage kitchen linens because they're somehow subdued at the same time. Does that make sense?

I can't wait to see how your aprons turn out!


Blessed Serendipity said...

I love your vintage tablecloths and I love that you hang them in your pearls and heels. You ARE a glamour girl Cindy!

xo Danielle

Marcheline said...

I actually have a few of the same tablecloths in my collection! I can't believe you'd cut them up into aprons, though... GAHHHH! I have a huge antique trunk that I keep all my vintage linens in, and I use them in my kitchen. I use a plastic tablecloth cover, so that when I switch them out, I don't have to wash them (and put more wear and tear on them) - I just take a new one from the trunk, iron it, and put it on!

vintage grey said...

Such a gorgeous collections of vintage tablecloths!! Sweet Meri sent me over here and I am so glad!! Adore you blog!! Sending you sweet wishes on your move! xo Heather