Thursday, September 16, 2010

Happy Birthday to My Wonderful Son!

Happy birthday, Davey!  You are wonderful, so brave, loved beyond words and missed!
Jeez, have 28 years REALLY flown by?!

David's serving in the Army infantry right now in Iraq.  He's one of the 50,000 troops still there and we're hoping and praying he'll remain safe and return home near the end of the year!

(Davey receiving a promotion in Iraq- he's to the right of the flag)

I blogged last year about this, but as a reminder...if you’re interested in helping boost the morale of our soldiers there are quite a few organizations to help you, including Give2theTroops, OperationShoeBox and MilitaryCarePackages.

Wondering what to include in a care package? Consider packing a care box with these items (good for male or female soldiers serving in the Middle East):

Flea collars (like you'd buy for a large dog)
Wipes (like diaper wipes)
Foot powder
Multi vitamins
Body lotion
Ziploc bags
Prepaid international calling cards
Inflatable pillows
Canned air
Playing cards
Newspapers & magazines
Slim Jims
Dried fruit
Hard candy
Sunflower seeds
Breath mints

Keep safe, Davey, and we'll be seeing you soon!

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Cindy said...

Happy Birthday to your son..and give him thanks from this household for serving and protecting the USA!!
The list is great..thanks
I have a question..flea collars?
I have two son-in-laws in the Air Force..they don't see the danger your son does..but they do head into very dangerous situations overseas also.We are always on standby for our girls.
all of our churches send over packages..our families and their friends!It sure does help them!!Thanks again for mentioning this.
I checked out Google on Rick-Rack and Gingham I was #1..I got all giddy..we run in a great circle!!!lol

Hugs..Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham said...

Cindy - the flea collars are to repel sand fleas - really bad in the desert! I'll continue to pray for all serving in our military - including your sons-in-laws. And CONGRATULATIONS on your Google placement - gonna check it out!