Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Donuts - Eat 'Em & Wear 'Em!

One of my favorite places not far from our home is the local donut shop:

Donut King makes all of their yummy donuts on site and if their neon sign is blinking you KNOW they're super fresh and warm!

Paul and I went again last weekend and I (probably embarassed him) wore my "I'd Like Sprinkles Please" clothespin apron - ha!  Yes, at times I can be shameless in trying to publicize my little ole' business!

I love this apron and patterned it after the clothespin aprons of the 1930's where the front of the skirt is a giant pocket (perfect for your cell phone, dish towel whatever you need to carry).  And I especially love the colors on this - hot pink, lime green, bright orange and a touch of chocolate - I mean brown!

My "Sprinkles" apron is available at Retro Revival.

We quickly scarfed down our donuts before I thought to take pictures of them - doh!  Maybe I'll go pick up a few more!  Must.resist.temptation!

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Sugarplum Kawaii said...

I love the look of donuts...but find them very rich to eat...except way back a few years ago i strolled into my local bakers for a wholesome Brown loaf, and ended up buying a bag of 6 mini jam doughnuts drenched in sugar... scoffed the lot! I couldn't make out the sudden desire and then found out i was pregnant. My craving lasted the 9 months (-:

Sugarplum Kawaii said...

P.s...re. following/post on my blog...i'm on your followers list as a Pink iced biscuit!