Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Occoquan Craft Show Results

We had a wonderful time at the Occoquan Fall Arts & Crafts Fair over the weekend.  We kept my booth setup unchanged and the pink Frigidaire and pink stove drew lots of people in to check out my Retro Revival products.
We sold a good number of shower caps and pot mitts, and a few sleep masks and insulated travel flat iron cases, but as is normal for our shows, the biggest hit was my aprons.  This was my 13th show and I'm still tickled to see the smiling faces of my customers, and I'm always delighted when they so willingly pose for pictures!
I've designed my aprons to fit most, ladies sized 2 -22.  My customers are all sizes and shapes and ages too, but most of my customers at this show were between 24 and 32.  I love that so many younger women are into aprons!
My favorite picture of the weekend:
Doing these shows really is exhausting.  The loading, unloading and packing up, and standing on your feet all day.  But it's totally worth it because nothing beats interacting with the happiest people ~ apron lovers!


Michaele said...

Great photos. I love the random shots of your happy customers. Glad people are willing to play along. I know how exhausing craft shows are - but so important to keep up the energy! You can collapse later LOL.

Mary Ann said...

I really admire you dedicated crafters... it is so fun to see what you have made (and buy!) and I know it must take a lot out of you to do the shows... we have one coming up this weekend here in NE Kansas!

vintage grey said...

Glad you had a wonderful time and your aprons are the sweetest!! xo Heather

Beth said...

Love the display and your happy customers. I love vintage aprons but I'm a bigger gal and I never find them in my size, I'm glad to see you accommodate the bigger sized gals.

Marcheline said...

Hey, that's pretty cool! I love that you stage your booth with retro appliances... you know what draws your crowd.