Thursday, September 12, 2013

Santa Sneak Peek

I've got my own little Santa's workshop happening this week!  For a couple of years now I've been collecting these little elves and other bits, stashing them in a big box, hoping that one day I'd know exactly what to do with them.
Over the weekend I dug into the box and felt kinda like a little kid on Christmas morning.  Didn't quite realize how many goodies I'd actually amassed ~ eek!
Thinking about putting together a Christmas wreath.  What do you think?
Visions of sugar plums hot glued finger tips and glitter all over the place are dancing through my head!
Pictures soon, I promise.


Becky said...

Oh. My. Help.

So much fun!! I love little Santas and elves and reindeers. A wreath is a great idea!

I've been collecting too.
Again with the great minds thingy.

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

I look forward to seeing the results! Just the opening pic is so cute!

Betty Lou said...

Love all those old Santa's and elves. Have a few from when my children were little and I always put them on the tree or around the house.

Saimi said...

Whoa, slow down sista - Christmas is far from my mind right now - But you do have a cute collection and i'm impressed you are planning ahead.

I'll be staying tuned to see the finished project!!!

Perfectly Printed said...

Sounds like a great plan!! Can't wait to see it!

Lesa said...

Last year we used so much glitter making our glitter birdhouses, I think we were breathing a bit of it, not to mention getting it all over everything except the dogs. Neither of them would even get under the work table. I'm looking forward to your project. (And it was fun to see your post open to Christmas already!)

vintage grey said...

Oh, so fun!! I can't wait to start Christmas creating! xo Heather