Friday, August 10, 2012

The Vintage Sheet Blog

Happy Friday all!

Wanted to let you know that I'm a guest blogger on Heather's blog today.  I discovered The Vintage Sheet Blog a while ago and am a huge fan!  Since I'm a huge collector of vintage linens and use them in many of my Retro Revival products, her blog is a real inspiration for me!

I hope you'll pay her blog a visit ~ you'll see the Pot Mitts tutorial I wrote and have a chance to win the pair I made (using vintage pillowcases, of course) for her post!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.  I'll be busy sewing another stack of these for my upcoming show!


Colleen said...

Great tutorial. I pinned some of the pics to my pinterest boards! Thanks for sharing!

Tammy's in Love said...

If that stack of cheery colors doesn't spell fun, I don't know what does! I love reusing things in creative ways! Old sheets turned hot pads; they love their new lives as 'hot stuff'!

ImagiMeri said...

Now that's a stack I'd like to get my mitts on.....;o)

So cheerful and happy, sell em all missy!


Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Those are so cute.
I love vintage linens too. But have only recently started collecting.
I hope to open and Etsy Shop soon...

I'll head on over and check out your guest post!


Heather Grow said...

LOL at your reader comments. They are very punny. Thanks for the plug. This weekend is going to be super fun, thanks to you, Cindy. :)

Chenille Cottage said...

I love your recent post! I have soooo many vintage sheets that are destined for sewing projects. You have accomplished a huge task making those darling pot mats out of them!
Thank you for spurring me on to get moving and get sewing, my friend!

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

I saw you over there! such cute potholders! ♥

one denim bird said...

Very nice indeed! That pot holder stack is incredible! I have that sheet in my stash too! Glad I found your gorgeous blog.

chrisartist said...

Cindy your work is so professional.
I would love to come to your shows.
But here I am in Australia enjoying the pleasure of blogging in bed on a Sunday morning!
Do you have an on line store?

Michaele said...

I LOVE these! I am off to check out the post : ) I wish I could make these.

Donna said...

These are so cute! I am off to visit the Sheet Blog now.

Donna said...

These are so cute! I am off to visit the Sheet Blog now.