Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Antique Petticoat Turned Apron

Eke!  Look at my most favorite score ever!  I've been so obsessed with this that I totally forgot to announce the winner of my July blog giveaway ~ sorry about that (scroll to the bottom of this post for details).

Deep breath.  Here is my antique petticoat!

Amazing pin tuck detail.  Gorgeous crochet.

Remember a while back when I was collecting hundreds of crocheted doilies for my big table runners order?  I bought a lot of 50 of them from eBay and the generous seller included, for free, this petticoat!

I've been admiring it and cooing over it for weeks now.  I did a little research and learned that the crochet is Irish Crochet and that it's very unusual to find it on a petticoat.

I knew from the get-go that I'd use it to make two aprons.  Before anyone has a heart attack at the thought of me cutting into this beauty, it has quite a few holes, some repair work, and rust stains that, despite my best efforts, just wouldn't budge!  Besides, I couldn't bear folding her up in a cupboard.

Using every inch possible of this petticoat, I transformed it into what I think is my prettiest apron ever!  I'm planning on wearing her at my show next week and after that, I'll sew her twin.

I created pockets using a couple of doilies, but when I pinned them to the skirt, decided they detracted too much from the pin tuck detailing.  For the waist band/ties, I used some new muslin that I bleached to better match the petticoat.

I carefully snipped some of the crocheted hem and placed it on the neck of the bib and some of the big banded crochet across the bust line.

Now to make one of you go "eke!"  Congratulations to Elizabeth of At Home With Elizabeth and Gary!  You are the winner of my July blog giveaway:

Elizabeth, please send me an email with your address so I can ship you these little pretties.

This month, I'm giving away Beth Howard's wonderful book:

If you haven't entered yet, click here for the rules.  Drawing is August 31st ~ good luck!


Colleen said...

That apron is stunning! Congrats on a great 'find' and a wonderful re-purpose!

Cottage Dreaming said...

luv the apron....very pretty indeed!

Margie said...

that is soooo lovely!!! i agree with you about the pockets ... i like it so much better without them!

chrisartist said...

This apron is so beautiful.
I've been enjoying your posts.
Thanks for introducing the pie queen!
Have a great week Cindy

carrie said...

That apron is absolutely gorgeous. :)

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

Oh Cindy! That apron is just lovely! You took a piece of history and turned it into a piece of art!

Congrats to Elizabeth on her win! ♥

Missy Shay said...

Your apron turned out beautiful!

Donna said...

Gorgeous apron! I love the way you "prettied" it up. What a treasure and you will look beautiful wearing it.

Nadine @ Chic with the Kool-Aid Mustache said...

OK...you know I'm not a girly girl but I LOVE this apron! I makes me wanna bake bread at my Grandma's knee...such a great score. I'm kicking myself now cause I passed up a beautiful set of vintage sheets that had beautiful lace and pleated trim!

ImagiMeri said...

Well that has just got to be the prettiest apron I've seen in quite a while. I'm so glad you get to make two aprons from it! You should send it off to "Apronology" magazine to be published. My good friend Renee Dahl from "my vintage mending" sent one of hers and got published.

I'm sending you your banner tomorrow, so keep an eye out for it.


Jingle said...

WOW! That is absolutely STUNNING! What an amazing apron! I am so in love with this one! You have outdone yourself! Wow!

LBP said...

That apron is absolutely gorgeous! I would have been a nervous wreck cutting into that petticoat. But I like to think that the owner of that petticoat would be pleased to see what you made from it.



Blessed Serendipity said...

Wow Cindy you did a fabulous job on this beautiful apron. It truly is a work of art.


Recycled Relix said...

Now this is a gorgeous apron!!

Love your work Cindy!


SizzleandZoom said...

Lovely apron. You did a beautiful job!

Diana and LaDonna said...

How nice for the seller to include that petticoat! It makes a gorgeous apron! You did good!


Anonymous said...

I didn't think it was possible for you to make an even more fabulous apron! Can't wait to see a photo of you wearing it at your nex show.

Iowa Girl

Linda S. said...

I am a Facebook fan

Laurie@Aprons for Women said...

This is a beautiful apron! Please don't make any spaghetti while wearing it:-)

Enjoy wearing a gorgeous creation!

Anonymous said...

Oh my, what a beautiful apron!! Wouldn't want to do any heavy baking with this lovely on!

Nyleve Asile said...

absolutely incredible and stunning .... I'd be afraid to wear it, but it'd be such a treasure to have. On the torso in my sewing room.