Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pajamas in Public {Vintage Bed Jacket}

Every once in a while I'll see someone sporting pjs out in public and I shake my head.

(Google image)

And then I found this!

It's a vintage bed jacket.  From what I understand, bed jackets came into vogue in the 1930's and were popular through the early 1960's.  They were typically worn over a nightgown or negligee while sitting up in bed, reading, drinking tea, and I'd imagine, elegantly receiving guests.

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(Were these the genesis of the Snuggie?  Ha!)

Apparently, I've had a thing for bed jackets since I was young.  This is a picture of my cousin Tammy and me (on the left), circa 1966?:

(Check out my glamorous slippers!)

So while I don't greet visitors in bed, or even read in bed for that matter, I think this bed jacket is way too gorgeous to only wear at home.  Last week I wore it out in public.

It was like my own public pajama party!

The roses, the color, the ruffles on the sleeves and collar!  It makes me swoon!

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DearHelenHartman said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE bedjackets!! I think many survived because they were nice gifts but real women rarely sat in bed unless they were in the hospital having a baby. Your jacket is awesome - perfect for wearing in public.

Laura said...

I think it looks cute. And you're wearing real clothes with it, so at least we know you didn't just roll out of bed and head to...wherever. Whenever I see someone out in their pajamas, I wonder how many days they've been wearing them. I mean if they can roll out of bed and go to the store, then they can go home and roll back into bed. And start the whole thing again the next day.

Betty Lou said...

So cute, looks nice with jeans. So retro chic.

Betty Lou said...

So cute, looks great with jeans. So retro cute.

Shirley Hatfield said...

I want one! And I would totally wear it! If I reported you to the magazine it would be as an enthusiastic "Do!" =D

Blessed Serendipity said...

Cindy your bed jacket is so adorable. I think it is cute to wear out. Now if you paired it with some pjs and slippers, well then you might be seeing your photo in the back of Glamour magazine with a black bar across your face. Just saying.


Old Fashioned Gal said...

This is adorable. I honestly wouldn't think of a "bed" jacket when I would see anyone wearing this in public. I adore it!

SizzleandZoom said...

Charming bed jacket. I would wear it in public, too.

Missy Shay said...

I think the bed jacket does not look like pj's, I don't understand why people are too lazy to get dressed to go in public. They can be comfortable and get dressed. LOL

Jenny S said...

That is beyond beautiful!!

Recycled Relix said...

I think it is gorgeous Cindy! It reminds me of the old bed covers from the 60's that had the spot for the pillow to go in and then the cover came down over the top with a frill. You could start a new fashion trend and make them from old bed quilts - although you probably have already thought of this!! Gorgeous!

Recycled Relix said...

I think it is gorgeous Cindy! It reminds me of the old bed quilts of the 60's that had the place for the pillow and the quilt came down over the top with a frill. You could start a new trend and make these from old bed quilts - although you have probably already thought of this! Gorgeous!!

Kathryn Ross said...

Okay, milady! A bed jacket! And, don't you know I have my mother's from the 1960's that I wear all the time! She wore it her whole life that I knew her - and I especially remember her wearing it those last months in the hospital before going to be with the Lord. It means so much to me - and has kept up incredibly well for all the wear over the decades. Pink chenille - and YES - inspired to do a post on it for Pink Saturday someday!

Becky said...

I loves bedjackets and have a nice shiny satiny off white one my own self. You totally rocked yours! The print def makes it "in public" worthy.

Not only do I adore your fancy slippers I dig the casual crossed ankle pose!

And I am currently knitting my second shrug that is very much like the one you have pictured here. It's a 1950's pattern!

Donna said...

I forgot about bed jackets! Wonderful memories and it looks adorable on you!

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how you can look put together in a bed jacket yet so many people are scruffing around in their pjs! I really hate this trend except on the preschool set. Then it's adorable, especially when they wear footies.

Funny story. I saved my credit card points and bought a beautiful Burberry quilted jacket. Not the longer riding jacket but a shorter feminine style with a rounded collar in light blue. So I'm all proud of myself and go to meet my dad for lunch. The first thing he says? "Honey, are bed jackets in style now?". We had a good laugh.