Thursday, October 13, 2011

Yay! New Retail Customer

My wholesale business continues to grow so I'm excited to introduce you to my newest retail customer, Buttercream Cosmetics!  Buttercream is my first online retailer ~ yay!

Jayne Polan is the co-owner and creative force behind Shampowder, the revolutionary new cosmetic hair powder, designed to freshen hair and extend time between washings.  Known for her creative flair and interest in the arts, Jayne, for as long as she can remember has looked for the solution and unique way to work with her makeup and hair.

It was during her busy college days that she first discovered the trick of putting baby powder in her hair to absorb the oils.  The baby powder did the job, but not without its limitations, most notable were the discoloration and strong odor.  Not realizing it at that time, the idea for Shampowder was first born and Jayne would eventually combine her entrepreneurial spirit and talents together to launch a new brand.

Born and raised in Livingston, New Jersey, Jayne moved to Los Angeles immediately after college graduation to apply her talents to the entertainment industry.  Starting out literally at basement level sorting mail for a talent agency, Jayne worked her way up the ladder.  Thriving in a fast paced, creative atmosphere, it wasn’t long before she was working in production for major television shows such as The Sharon Osbourne Show, The Dr. Keith Ablow Show and most recently The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

After the birth of her son, Jonah, Jayne decided to take a short break from the entertainment world.  She quickly realized that the fast paced, hectic world of entertainment was nothing compared to motherhood, and with absolutely-no-time-to-spare-to-wash-her-hair, Jayne was back to the baby powder.  Knowing that there was a better way, the idea for Shampowder took shape.

Teaming up with her husband and co-creator, Barry Polan, they began the process of developing and formulating the perfect solution.  When there’s no time to spare to wash your hair … Shampowder!

So now that Jayne's Shampowder business is thriving we thought what better complimentary product than Retro Revival's Waterproof, Washable Shower Caps?! 

A perfect marriage, right?!

Washing your hair every day takes time, and as any stylist will tell you, it frequently strips our hair of moisture and washes out color.  Blow drying, curling, straightening all takes time too, and can damage our hair.  So save some time, be kind to your hair and slip on a Retro Revival Shower Cap to keep your locks dry and frizz free as you bathe.

Then dab on some Shampowder (click HERE to see the demo video) to absorb oils and pollutants and gently refresh your mane.

Wah-lah, you'll look gorgeous and your hair will be healthier, feel fresh, clean and full of body!

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Paula Parrish said...

Hello Cindy,
I agree that your wonderful shower caps are the perfect pair for Jayne’s Shampowder. I hope that you and Jayne sell a bazillion shower caps together. Have a great day.
Smiles, Paula

LAUREN said...


Unknown said...

Awesome News!! Congrats!! HOORAY! YIPEE!!! Can I get a YEE HAW?!

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

Fun! I'm happy for you And don't you just look gorgeous and fixing your hair?! :)

I remember using Psst instant shampoo in junior high but it just gave me "dandruf"! I'm sure this product is much better! ♥

Jingle said...

Congratulations on your new wholesale customer! That is very exciting!!! You are growing!!!! :-)

Michaele said...

Oh GOOD for you! Very happy for you!

Donna said...

Congrats! You are going to be famous! The shower caps are just the cutest :)

donna said...

WOW Cindy Congratulations on your new wholesale customer. I am so HAPPY for you. That is really exciting.

Suz said...

Congrats on your new customer!

Yujin Cho said...

I'm happy to hear that! AWESOME!

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Congratulations!! That is really awesome. Your shower caps looks so pretty!

Dell said...

That shampowder is pretty interesting! What a great concept in sprucing up one's hair.