Thursday, February 17, 2011

Retro Revival's Irish Blessing

St. Patrick's Day is just one month away.  Get ready for the parades, shamrocks, pinching (wear your green!), green beer and lots of little leprechauns with their pots of gold.  And Irish dancing!

Ever wonder how Irish dancing began?  A friend of mine shared this with me; watch it and you'll learn the answer ~ and hopefully, you'll laugh!

In keeping with the joyfulness that is St. Patrick's Day, I've added a few green aprons to my Retro Revival line:

I think any one of these would look perfect on you as you cook your corned beef and cabbage!

As you've seen on my past blog posts, I'm always looking for new, entertaining ways to promote my business.  When I asked my daughter for St. Patrick's Day ideas, she suggested I change the traditional Irish blessing:

May your blessings outnumber the shamrocks that grow, and may trouble avoid you wherever you go a new, Retro Revival blessing:

May your aprons outnumber the shamrocks that grow and may fabu retro fashion follow you wherever you go!

I like it!  Gonna use it on Facebook!

Leave a comment here for a chance to win this month's blog giveaway:

I'll draw the winner on February 28th.


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I love the apron quote and all the green aprons, so cute!!

Betty Lou said...

Everyone looks green on St Patricks Day, my Mothers birthday. Love the aprons.

Betty Lou said...

Cindy, Was having problems with my domain name, so changed it. I am now Sugarland Quilts. You were a follower before and I hope you will join me over at Sugarland Quilts. Have a good day. Betty Lou

donna said...

Your aprons are so cute. said...

Why thank you, Sue & Donnna:) If you're so inclined please pass along my link to your friends ~ who knows, maybe one of them will purchase one of my handmade aprons?!

donna said...

I almost forgot to tell you that you have inspired me to make an apron out of an old pillow case. Now they are not vintage but they are from some old sheets I no longer use. I have the soaking right now.

Janie E said...

I love my 1/2 St. P's day apron and these are just as cute! In my opinion, these green aprons go with any holiday! ;p