Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Retro Revival Made it to Page One on Google!

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Well, it took about one year, but FINALLY!  Retro Revival is showing on PAGE ONE of Google!  In fact, as of today, it's Google's first suggestion - yay!
Retro Revival also appears on page one of Google when you type, "retro apron." And when you search Google for "women's shower cap," Retro Revival appears twice on page one!

When I began my online business I knew z-i-l-c-h about online marketing, search engine optimization and had no idea how competitive the apron market is!  In order to successfully grow my business I had to quickly learn the ins and outs of web marketing.  Seesh, it's been a challenge!

I've had several people ask me exactly how I made this happen and thought why not write about it here?  I'm certainly not an expert but hope that these ideas and tips will help you!

The three paramount things I've learned are:
  1. Post, list and write often and on as many sites as possible
  2. Learn what key words and phrases apply to your area of expertise or business and use them
  3. See #1 and #2 and keep doing it!  If you don't you'll drop off Google's radar.
These three things are important because, in a nut shell, the more often and more places your products appear with the right words, the better your chances of Google finding you and moving you up on their suggestion list.  Here are a few specific actions help you achieve #1 and #2 (in no particular order):
  1. Begin writing a blog. It's free, fun and a great way to reach your target audience with your thoughts and offerings on relevant topics (in my case, content that is balanced between retro-inspired things and my business).
  2. Encourage readers and followers of your blog to leave comments.  Google sees this activity and it'll help your ranking with them.  *Hint, hint*  Please leave comments when you visit me here - it REALLY helps my ranking, takes just a moment and it makes me happy to hear what you have to say!
  3. Sign up for Blog Grader.  It's free, very easy to use and provides you with valuable information on how to get noticed on the web.
  4. Post new products online.  At least once every week I post new products on my website RetroRevival, on my Etsy Shop, and eBay (search for 'retro apron' and 'women's shower cap' and you should find my items).  Through trial and error I've learned that posting new products at regular intervals, rather than many at once, is most effective since Google crawls the web periodically and they want to see new activity (if you post 10 new products on a Monday and Google searches for you on Tuesday, they may not see your 10 items).
  5. Learn about how Google works by doing some online research and consider buying a book like Starting an Online Business for Dummies.  I learned a TON from reading this book!
  6. Read and follow other blogs with relevant topics and leave comments which are also noticed by Google and sometimes, by other readers who will click on your comments and link back to your blog or online store.  Yes, it's one, giagantic circle of web/blog love!
  7. Blog about other creative people (and they may blog about you) and their products that relate to your business or blog.  Doing this not only helps other people, it may lead to their fans and followers checking out your online store and blog.
  8. Do a blog giveaway.  Not only does Google look for these but others do to and they, in turn, blog about them which leads to more readers to your blog and more visitors (and hopefully buyers) to your online store.
  9. Become an "expert" and write about whatever your passion is on other sites such as Hub Pages, a free website full of information on just about everything!
  10. Learn what meta tags are (similar to newspaper and magazine headlines, they help online readers and website crawlers, like Google, find content such as your business or blog) and how to choose the right words to use on your website or blog.  Check out Word Tracker, a site where you can type in the keywords or phrases you're interested in and they'll show you how many people searched for those words and phrases.  You'll quickly learn the best words to use to get the most people to find your site.
There are bah-zillions of suggestions and tips for increasing your online presense and I could go on and on, but I wanted to keep this post as short and as succinct as possible.

To help you further I found another great book - Country Living's Crafting a Business Make Money Doing What You Love!
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Good luck!


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Congrats, it's about time google spotted you! That book looks great!

vintage mum said...

That was a great post, as someone trying to get a little blog shop going your advise has been really helpful Thanks a lot
ps love your aprons

Anonymous said...

I've been thinking about doing a trash-to-treasure type blog but there are sooooo many of them. Of course I'm not selling anything so perhaps it wouldn't be as time consuming. Hope you haven't sewn your fingers to the bone trying to get ready for your shows!


Becky said...

Cindy! Thank you so much for your wise advice. So much of this biz is trial and error. I appreciate reading more about how to do it so that I have less error on my trials.


Anonymous said...

VERY helpful advice! It's amazing how much you've learned in one short year! Talented and smart...what a combo!


Cindy said...

Congratulations!!!!! Of course you are Number 1..!!! I am mentioning you on my post tomorrow..maybe some of my friends will come visit!!

Hugs..Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

Emily said...

My grandma Kathy Barber encouraged me to look at the cute items that you make on your website. I liked the blog about the Pierce County Fair because that's one of my favorite places to go in August. Don't work too hard getting ready for your upcoming fairs! I do a lot of sewing for 4-H and I won a champion ribbon on one of my tote bags!