Thursday, September 23, 2010

"Fall" Into Retro Fashion

Have you been watching Project Runway?  I think it's the best season yet.  Gorgeous and hideous creations alike, constructive guest hosts and lots of drama!  I was shocked that Tim Gunn called out the elite team for their bad behavior and for following Gretchen's lead.  And by the way, is anyone else irritated by Ivy?!

Anyway, between watching this ridiculous (in a good way!) show, flipping through my issues of In Style and Elle magazines and cruising the Internet I've been thrilled to discover that vintage/retro is still all the rage for many designers this fall and winter!

I suppose as soon as past styles and materials become outdated, they remain a deep reservoir of recyclable ideas.  When you think about it, how many new "trends" are really new?  Yep, what's old is new again - yay!

Many designers have dipped back into the vintage and retro pool, including Prada.  Prada's dress (on the left) reminds me a bit of this 1953 picture of Eva Marie Saint...

Louis Vuitton is certainly in the retro mood...
...OMG, I am seriously in LOVE with this - everything about it!  And the gloves are gorg!

Vuitton's also designed vintage inspired purses for their collection this year:

Nina Ricci's sunglasses are clearly inspired from the 50's:

This picture, from British Vogue, captures the retro stylings of Lucinda Chambers (the model is wearing a Rochas knit sweater and cotton print skirt by Betty Jackson)...
Her teased hair is perfect with this outfit, don't you think?!

Looks like the Fall 2010 fashions are grounded firmly in the classics, with modern twists like chunky jewelry and these platform shoes (with "bobby" socks):
Are the socks a little goofy?  I'm kinda digging them - ha!

I'm happy to see a nod to 1950's retro and vintage this fashion season.  I wonder what the designers have planned for next year - gawd, I really hope they don't look back to the 1970's for inspiration!

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Becky said...

Good grief! Can you imagine the Ozone hole over that model's hair do!!!??! Love the looks but I don't think I'd go all Lolita with those socks and heels!