Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dream Travel

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My bag is packed again.  I'm heading to Wisconsin with my hubby today to spend a few days with his parents.  The cool Wisconsin breezes will be a nice respite from the Florida heat!
I came across these vintage airline ads and think, wouldn't it be great if traveling were as pleasant and glamorous today as back in the 1950's and 60's?
I'd travel wearing a lovely little frock and heels and my hair would be perfectly coifed.  I'd arrive at the airport to find a short security line, and I'd board on time where the flight attendants would greet me cheerfully while handing me a fluffy clean pillow and a blanket.  I'd sink into a comfortable seat with ample room for my long legs and doze off for a little nap!  All around me would be smartly dressed people - pretty dresses and dashing suits.  And beneath the seat in front of me would be a super cute, pink carry-on case with a wristlet handle.
Oooh, how I'd love a vintage carry-on case, similar to the one in this vintage Delta ad:
I'm on a mission to find a vintage carry-on, preferably a pink, red or baby blue one like this:
Tear drop shaped or oval?  Can't decide!
Once I find one I'd like to decoupage it - wouldn't that be cool?
So off I go and maybe I'll experience something similar to this vintage Continental ad which promises, "Up in the clouds luxury."


Linda Ruthie said...

I love those ads. Good luck finding your vintage carry on.

Becky said...

Good journey Cindy!

If you find two of those teardrop shaped bags I want one ;)