Tuesday, August 24, 2010

And Then There Was One

It's been a heartbreaking and frustrating couple of months with the Trumps.  Nutshell of what's happened...All four got sick with what we think was Avian Pox (transmitted by mosquitos but not to humans).  My chickens had chicken pox!
(See the brown spots on The Donald's face?  And instead of his face being a "normal" red, it's pasty white)
Who knew chickens get chicken pox?!  Marla died and that was very sad.  And gross.  Suffice it to say my first experience dealing with a dead animal (remember, I'm a transplanted "city girl!") was not pleasant!  Fortunately, the other three rallied and recovered.
After talking with a friend who also has "backyard chickens," I decided to let the chickens roam free during daylight and they really seemed to enjoy this, wandering, scratching and eating lots of ants.
(Melania, Ivana and The Donald free-roaming the farm)
Then The Donald got sick - again!  With what I don't know because he showed no outward signs (like pox).  He died.  I cried.  I really miss hearing him crow.
Two girls left - Ivana and Melania.  I showered them with extra affection thinking they must miss their man.  Then a few days ago when Twyla and I made our way out to the coop at dusk to escort the girls back into their home, no Melania and Ivana was cowering under the nesting boxes.  Then I saw it - a zillion chicken feathers on the ground in front of the coop.  Clearly a terrible struggle had occured.  A hawk probably snatched her.  WTH?!  I now have one lonely chicken.
Ivana's a survivor and after two days of shock, she's back to laying me an egg every day.
(Today's breakfast, courtesy of Ivana)
I'm not letting Ivana out of the coop any more but am doing my best to make up for it.  I've been sprinkling her run with fresh veggies and/or fruit every day as a special treat.  She's back to skwaking at me and acting like a happy hen.  Phew, this farm stuff is rough!
(Ivana today)
Though we only have one chicken in the coop now, we do have quite a collection of chicken-inspired items roosting inside our home; here's a peek at a few of my favorites:
(Kitchen timers - I actually use these!)
(I love my Anthropologie glass egg keepers - filled with Ivana's eggs)
(My vintage deviled egg plate)
(The bottom of the plate has beautiful glass cut detail)
(This fella perches atop our 1930's dining room hoosier)
(And these pottery pieces stand on top of one of our kitchen cabinets)
(Another of my 1950's vintage tablecloths)
And of course, I have a chicken-inspired apron in my collection:
("Cindy's Chickens" available at http://retrorevival.biz/cart/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=3&sort=20a&page=5)
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Cindy said...

Awww I am so sorry about your chickens. Yes it was probably a hawk..it could of been a skunk..racoon..or a large kitty cat. They all will attack your girls. It is so heartbreaking to raise them by hand then poof they be gone. I hope your last one will survive.
Now the ones in your house..they seem safe...lol I love the vintage egg plates..cute!!

Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

vintage mum said...

Hi what a sad post.
I cried for weeks when Mr Fox eat all of my ducks he even took the babies,he chewed through the chicken wire to get to them :(
love your chicken collection
Cate x

Mad Men Girl said...

So sorry about your birds! My wild bird feeder fell the other day, and killed one of the sparrows that had been eating on the ground underneath - I'm still feeling bad about it! Hugs to you.

If it's not too horrible a conversational leap, I need to call all vintage chicks to my rescue...

I have entered a contest to win a walk-on role on the retro-licious show "Mad Men".

If you would take two seconds to vote for me, I would really appreciate it. Just go to my blog, or use this link to go straight to my photo page.


Thanks a bunch!

Becky said...

Oh Cindy, We used to have backyard chickens. Tis hard to lose 'em.

Love your chicken collection. I have a few chickeny things too! They add a little spunky something to a home!

Tracy said...

ah... so sad....

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

So sorry to hear about your chicks....and The Donald. My little grandson is on a quest right now for chickens. I'm thinking he's going to win. He already has them named. :-)

Warm blessings,