Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Going Green With Jadite

Oooh, how I love jadite!  Something about its color makes me happy.  It's kind of opaque and milky.  It's melon-y, celadon-y and sage-y.  Kind of like the colors of the ocean.  I think it's so pretty ~ is that why it's so hard to describe?!  Hahahaha!

After years of oogling Martha's collection:

...I've picked up a few pieces for our cupboards:

Like many jadite collectors, I've snagged most of my pieces from thrift and antique stores.

(These are all vinage except the one in front - a coffe container from Home Goods)

My favorite dish is this vintage compote:

The great thing about collecting jadite is that it's so abundant and much of it is realitively inexpensive.  Jadite was originally manufactured from the 1930's until the early 1970's for restaurants and retail.  It was wildly popular because of its durability, low production cost and cheap retail price (often given away promotionally).

The McKee Glass Company was the first to produce jadite in the US but Anchor Hocking Glass Corporation was the largest producer of jadite.  In 1942, they introduced their line of Fire-King pressed glass dinner and kitchenware that was oven safe and stain resistant.   Produced in a variety of colors including white and peach, jadite was their most popular color and remains the most popular for collectors.

Next on my jadite wish list is a flour sifter:


...And a chopper:


Won't these both be great additions to my collection?

If you're interested in seeing more Jadite, check out Flickr's "I Love Jadite Green" photo pool for inspiration.

Do you have a dish obsession?  Do you collect jadite?  Tell me about your collection and you'll be entered to win this month's giveaway!

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Betty Lou said...

Such a beautiful collection, especially like your cake stand. I didn't know it was relatively easy to find. Going to Goodwill store later this week, will check it out. Yours looks so nice on your shelves.

Donna said...

You do have a beautiful collection! I have several pieces of Jadite. I love the compote!!

Betsy said...

Ooooh, those are so pretty! I don't own any jadite (yet) but love the look, and anything made of old milk glass.

I have an obsesson with vintage Pyrex bowls.