Thursday, March 10, 2011

Aprons & Pie, Oh My!

I'm so excited!  Just got official word that Retro Revival's been invited back to this year's Great American Pie Festival, sponsored by Crisco!

Last April, the Pie Festival was my first big show and it was a fantastic experience ~ such a fun time because, no surprise, people are happy when surrounded by pie!  And even better, I just about sold out of all of my aprons.  I'm hoping my tent stays as busy this year as last:

If you're interested in learning more about the Pie Festival, visit the American Pie Council.

Now that I know I'm part of the show again, I'm in hyper drive and sewing like a mad woman.  My goal is to take at least 150 aprons with me.  This is my current stash of uncut apron fabric:

A bit mountain-like, right?

I also want to take a bunch of my shower caps and bath salts this year (not pie related, obviously, but no mind since last year my aprons were the only food-related product at the show anyway!), as well as my dessert pedestals (I hadn't made these by this time last year).

I've been looking back at pictures from last year's Festival, searching for ways to improve my setup.  Here's my list of to-dos:

1. Do a better job of securing my sign/banner to my tent.  I've bought some sturdy clips that I think will work well.
2. Dress my "assistants," the mannequins.  Looking at my pictures, I think they need dresses, don't you?
3. Ditch my ugly, plastic, wobbly clothesrack.  Check!  Mr. Wonderful is putting the finishing touches on a homemade rack for me - yay!

Now, I need your help please.  I'm torn on a couple of decisions...

Should I "fully" display my aprons on the clothesline like I did at the Pie Festival last year?:

...Or should I pin up as many as possible like I did at a later show?

From a buyer's perspective, what is more pleasing to your eye?  Which set up would better attract you?

My tent has been pretty crowed.  I need the long table for displaying the dessert pedestals, the small table for processing purchases and the other small table for the shower caps and bath salts.  This is a shot from a show I did last October:

Anyone out there have suggestions on how to display all of this and create some more open space/walking room within my tent?  (Note:  I won't be taking my pin cushions to the Pie Festival so I won't be using the three-tiered table shown above.)

Any other ideas about beautifying my display?  I'm way open to suggestions and truly, madly, deeply appreciate your input!

Now I've got to get back to sewing ~ that is, once I remove Twyla from a pile of aprons I set on the back of our couch:

Where's my lint roller?!  Hahahaha!

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Missy Shay said...

Wow, how fun. I think you should pin up as many aprons as posibble since you will have some displayed on mannequins. Someone will want the one apron you don't pin up! LOL I can't wait to see you homemade clothes rack! You should put a shower cap on the mannequins too, and make sure you use solid colored dresses so the prints don't clash with your aprons.

Betty Lou said...

You are going to have to call on some of Santa's elves to help you sew--------150. that's a lot of aprons.

I like the first picture where you could actually see the aprons. I don't know about you, but I get overwhelmed when I see too mcuh crammed together.

I like your manniquins without dresses, you want you buyers to focus on the aprons, not the dress they are wearing. You can be the only one in a beautiful vintage dress.

I know you are going to do great!

donna said...

Wow you have a big job ahead of you. If I see smoke I will know it is you. I agree with Betty Lou only put the aprons on the manniquins. I think when you get your new rack done I think it wil make it alot easier for you to display your aprons. But you may need more than one. Sounds like you are growing out of your tent. Which is a good thing to grow out of. Hope I was help to you.

Donna said...

Lovely aprons!!! I like the aprons fully pinned ...I know it takes more space but they are so cute! You will be one busy lady!!
I also like the mannequins with just the aprons.
I wish I could come shop!

LAUREN said...

I think you really need to show the aprons as in picture one - its much more pleasing to the eye. The others I'd just have folded by type and color on the tables.

Tracy said...

I'm with Betty, the 2 Donna's and Lauren. I like to see a full view of the aprons, but to get the most out of your limited space - I would pin one of each basic style in full view and have another place where they are all pinned (or coat hangered) up with various colors and slight style variations. Sounds like FUN! Good selling! :) The bird feeder is very cute :) Oh! another thing that may help you out and not take up a lot of space as well as add to the 'old time feel' would be an old coat rack P.S. I like your assistants dressed (tee hee)

quiltjude said...

Oh your blog made my day. I have lately been obsessed with making aprons, I have lost count of how many I have given as presents and am now wanting to sell a few, I love love love yours and good luck with the market, cheers Judy from in Tasmania

quiltjude said...

I put a link on my blog for your site :) said...

Thank you ALL for your input/opinions for my booth! And welcome, QuiltJude, to my bloggy!

Paula Parrish said...

Wow, can't believe that it is that time of the year again! The Great American Pie Festival. I will be selling handmade soap again in my booth. Looking forward to seeing you again and visiting. I like the apron fully pinned, showing the full apron. I know your booth will look fabulous! said...

Looking foward to seeing you at the Pie Festival, Paula!

Christine said...

I am with all of the ladies above I think you should pin them so that you can see the full apron. Or a least pin most of them that way and maybe have a section that is not that way and than as people buy them you can spread them out. I also like the mannequins without dresses I was distracted by the dresses in your picture. For the half aprons you can put a solid shirt on her. Like in this image:
Also be sure to display your mens aprons too!
I love the fabric prints they are awesome! said...

Thanks everyone for your helpful advice! Just a couple of weeks till my show - yikes!

Cottage Dreaming and Flea Market Wishing said...

hi there....well I think you should display them as in the first picture and then group the rest by color group. The bird feeder is adorable I sooo wanna it! I will share you blog on mine as soon as I figure how to. have a great day I know I will cause it's my birthday!!!!