Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wash, Dry, Fold, Repeat

Recently my mother gave me a huge stash of her old linens - yay!  Most of them originally belonged to her mother, my grandmother Lela Rosie, and I am thrilled to have them.  One of my favorites is this vintage clothespin keeper:

It now hangs in my otherwise "average" laundry room.  Average I say because it's so small and lacks an adequate amount of storage.  Despite its shortcomings, I've done my best to make it a cheerful place:

(Painted it a celadon green and added a colorful rug)

We hung a bunch of kitshcy laundry signs ~ they make me smile:

(Sporting Retro Revival's 1950's Style "Tuity Fruity" apron)

(Had to have the one on the bottom - looks like Twyla!)

And switched out the knobs on the cabinets:

One fine day, my dream laundry room will look something like this:

(Jackie Terrell designed this space for House Beautiful)

It will be huge!  With a big table for folding laundry and big enough to set up my ironing board, which by the way, I use so often that it's usually set up in my kitchen ~ ugh!

It will also be brightly colored.  Not a fan of wallpaper, I can stencil the walls to mimick this beautifully decorated laundry room:

(Photo from Cottage Living)

Oh, and my dream laundry room will also feature a fabulous chandelier, maybe like this one I found on

Why not, right?!

Until then, I've got a few loads waiting...

(Modeling my 1950's Style "Beat It" apron.)

I've had several of you ask where I buy my fabric.  Of course, my vintage fabric aprons are made with found 1950's tablecloths but I find a lot of my new fabrics at J&O Fabric Store.  J&O has an amazing selection of fabu fabrics ~ like the one I used for my "Beat It" apron ~ much greater than most retail stores.  Check them out and I'm sure you'll find many irrestible!

Do you have a fabu laundry room?  Do tell!  Here, of course, and you'll automatically be entered to win this month's giveaway!

Each of your comments counts as one entry and if you mention my giveaway on YOUR blog, you'll get an extra five entries!  Good luck:)


Donna said...

Your laundry room is adorable! I love the color and the signs. You are very organized!
Your aprons are always adorable ... love them :)

Cindy said...

Ohhh I like the design of this laundry bag better than my front opening one. And your laundry room is small...but oh so cute!!!!!You have done a great job decorating it.
The birdhouse sewing machine is so creative.
Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham said...

Thanks, Cindy. You're entered to win the birdhouse - yay!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous laundry rooms. My favorite is still the one that Sarah Richardson did in one of her project houses....marble countertops!


quiltjude said...

I think your laundry looks great the way it is! and love those aprons :)

chrisartist said...

Your laundry looks great. Mine is still un renovated and full of boxes etc.
You have inspired me to get moving on the laundry. Thanks

donna said...

Your laundry room is so cute. I just love the door knobs you added. And your aprons are so cute. I like making things out of old table cloths too.
donna said...

Show us pictures, Chrisartist, as you renovate your laundry! said...

@Donna ~ thank you! Do you upcycle vintage tablecloths into aprons? Something else? Happy sewing:)

Nettie's Blog said...

Thank you for visiting me in Little Tasmania off the bottom of Australia... so wonderful that the world of Blog unites us lovers of old new and revived wherever we live....
i adore your aprons and i remember my mother wearing one very similar... plus i wish i had kept her peg bag ..she had one similar but it was green and had a basket of flowers embroided on it...

Burlap Luxe said...

How crazy fun you must have creating all that you inspire. Love that cute bird house sewing machine feeder, I have never seen one and I thought I have seen them all!

Love all the fun over here.
Thank you Cindy for your beautiful visit and comment I treasure, thank you for following.
See you very soon
Dore said...

Welcome to my blog, Dore! Hope to keep you coming back:)

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

eeeekk!! aren't we excited that you came and're right up our alley for sure! Oh...what a cute laundry room...Karrie's is adorable and mine...mine "gulp" I will be showing this week - it is by far the ugliest, awful, depressing laundry room know to man kind - honestly!! But, a couple of weeks ago I started to "spruce" it far as a girl could spruce an ugly laundry room/corner of the basement :)
Looking forward to following you as well!!
Karla & Karrie too said...

Welcome to my blog, Karla & Karrie! Can't wait to see pix of YOUR laundry room!

Vintage Home said...

Fun I go to see more!
Thanks for dropping by mine! said...

Happy you're following, Vintage Home:) Have a great day!

SizzleandZoom said...

What a fun post. Lovely blog. I want to order
something from your site. said...

Why thank you, SizzleandZoom! Thanks for visiting:)

Kelly Frances Dunn said...

I am glad you stopped by! Always nice to met someone new ;) Your blog is so original and witty and lots of fun. In our last home, I had the exact same colors in the laundry room. I had the lime green and hot pink toile. Sounds more childish than it really was! I loved it. Yours looks great too :) XO, Kelly

Anonymous said...

I know you wrote in that your walls are painted celadon green, what is the name brand of the paint. I love it and would love to paint my laundry room this color. You did an awesome job!

~Longview, Tx