Thursday, August 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Retro Revival!

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One year ago this month I officially launched Retro Revival.  What a year it's been - wonderfully satisfying, at times amazingly challenging and exhausting, but ultimately the most creative, fulfilling year of my life.  Woo hoo!
Happy birthday, Retro Revival, you're one year old this month!
Thinking back over the past 12 months I have a few highlights to share:
  • I've made over 150 sales through my website ( and 46 so far through Etsy (
  • Exhibited and sold my wares at four craft fairs
  • Have over 175 total customers and 22 repeat customers
  • My products are now in eight retail shops
  • I've met sooo many delightful people and many thoughtful customers have sent me unsolicted thank you notes
  • I have THE most supportive family, friends, blog followers and Facebook fans - your unrelenting encouragement has meant more to me than what I could ever express and I am incredibly grateful!
  • And last week I sold my 300th shower cap! (I'm making progress toward my goal of ridding the world of those ugly, plastic, disposable caps!)
Just in time to celebrate my one-year business birthday, I have seven new shower caps available; here are a few:
("Colorful Candy" on the left and "Ooh La La" on the right) 
("Retro Fashion" on the left and "Zen Garden" on the right)
 Thank you again, Followers!  I'll continue to keep you posted on my business progress and all things retro on this blog:)


Nearly there Claire said...

Congratulations Honey! I hope you feel very proud of your little self. Following your dream and it working as well as it has is fantastic. x

I love the shower caps but seeing as i'm always washing my hair I don't think it would get much use here...apart from sitting pretty in the bathroom of course. x

vintage mum said...

Happy 1st Birthday
Cate x

Brenda Pruitt said...

Congrats! You have a very colorful and pretty blog to visit!