Thursday, December 18, 2014

Dressing Up for Christmas

I've lived with dogs all my life.  Two Boxers (at the same time), a Great Dane, a Doberman, a German Sheppard/Cocker Spaniel mix, a Cocker Spaniel, and now Twyla.  Never before, with any of our other dogs, have I been so ridiculous...
But I just cannot help myself!
Ooooh how I love this Beagle!


Mary Ann said...

And she must love you lots! :-)

Jasper's Cottage said...

hee hee, I'm glad Twyla is such a good sport. She looks marvelous in her festive red dress!

I've had dogs all my life too and just now finally have one that actually enjoys clothes. It's so much fun!

Missy Shay said...

That is adorable! I find that the older I get the more ridiculous I get with my cats too! LOL

donna said...

Twila looks lost cute. I just love her big puppy dog eyes.
Merry Christmas

Sandy McClay said...

I So understand this post! I lost my "special" dog a year ago, and it still brings me to tears. I have owned many dogs but she was "the one"...Enjoy her!!!!!! Merry Christmas!

Michaele said...

I just knew you would have something fun this close to Christmas. And it always shows how much you love her.