Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Beagle Beach Baby

Jeez, this summer seemed to whiz by so fast!  We celebrated Labor Day with a two-day trip to Flagler beach.

We took Twyla with us ~ her first time to the beach.  We were so excited to see her reaction to the ocean.  We thought she'd love it.  She didn't.

What a baby!  She whined and shivered like crazy when I tried to get her into the water.  She wanted nothing to do with it and quickly scampered back under our umbrella.

We chose a dog-friendly beach just for her, but no matter, she spent most of her time on our laps, keeping a keen eye on the evil big water that continually made big booming noise!

We thought maybe she'd be shamed by all the other poochies playfully frolicking in the surf.  Nope, she could've cared less!  Her eyes told me, please don't take me back into that giant bath tub!

After sufficiently "torturing" Twyla, we stayed at this wonderful little old Florida motel, Si Como No Inn.  The Inn is one of the few untouched, authentic motels from the 1950's left in Florida.  We loved the kitschy Florida charm of the place, especially because they love dogs!

We woke up the next morning to more perfect weather and a stunning sunrise.

After two blissful days in Flagler it was time to head back to the farm.  Waaaaa!

(My brother and me at a California beach circa 1963)

Sure hope you all had a nice long weekend too!

On to another subject...Congratulations to Julie from Ric Rac and Polka Dots!  You won Beth's book ~ yay!  Please send me an email (Cindy@RetroRevival.Biz) with your address so that I can ship the book to you.


Missy Shay said...

I love hotels like that! I'm glad you had fun!

Betty Lou said...

Such a cute old motel, and cuter yet is Twyla. Looks like a page our of a fifties scrapbook.

ImagiMeri said...

Poor doggie, doesn't know the joys of the ocean!

Love that motel you stayed in. Did you take any interior piccy's???

Congratulations to Julie, she's such a dear lady.


jonni said...

Poor Twyla! That's exactly how our Jasper always reacted to the ocean and we "tortured" him frequently since we live right on the coast.

The inn looks fab! I love kitch in all forms, definitely going to put Si Como No Inn on my list of places to visit.

Old Fashioned Gal said...

Such an adorable pup! I love beagles! They are so sweet!
Congratulations Julie!
Okay, I would absolutely LOVE to stay in an old motel like that! I would never want to leave!
Hope you're having a great week! :)

Michaele said...

That's okay Twyla, I don't like swimming either : ) Love the two of them in the hammock.

Little Susie Home Maker said...

Poor Twyla! She seems a lot like me when I saw the ocean for the first time at 28 yrs old! I was petrified of that monster! Glad you had such a great trip!
Blessings to you,

Unknown said...

That is so funny about your doggie. I live by a dog beach. I used to take my chocolate lab so he could play with other dogs but he ignored the dogs and just made friends with other ladies. I'm pretty certain that he would have let any other lady take him home. Dogs are so funny.

Heather Grow said...

whoopsie. That last comment was from me but I wasn't signed in.

Donna said...

Twyla is the cutest! Even if she didn't like the ocean I know she loved all the attention.
The hotel is adorable.