Thursday, April 28, 2011

Horsing Around Town ~ Yee Haw!

As I headed into town yesterday to run some errands I drove past one of the beautiful horse farms that dot our town.

Had to stop and snap a couple of pictures of these friendly, curious fellows...

They quickly walked over to greet me and happily posed for their closeups!

(Get ready to cringe...I've come up with as many cowboy/western terms as I can here.  Hahahaha!)

Since we don't own any horses, I channel my inner cowgirl by LASSO'ing up our meals in my 1950's "Yee Haw Yellow" apron:

Retro Revival's cowgirl and country-themed aprons will allow you to:

WRANGLE your wrinkles

(1940's "Daisy Mae" apron)

Say VAMOOSE to dust bunnies

SHADOW RIDE (admire your gear and your own shadow) in your "Clothespin Style Country Girl" apron

And dust (but not get DUSTED, meaning getting thrown from a horse!)

Or ACKNOWLEDGE THE CORN (to admit the truth or to confess a lie).  Ha!  Obscure, but it's the only western expression I could find that referenced corn!

(1940's "What's Cookin'" apron ~ somewhere in an Iowa cornfield!)

Alright, I'm finished with all of this BALDERDASH.  These puns have me PLUM TUCKERED!

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I'll draw the winner Saturday morning.  Good luck!


Recycled Relix said...

Should have ended with "Now y'all come back now ya hear!"..... very clever.... love the aprons!

Betty Lou said...

You are just the cutest model ever, Cindy.

Mary said...

I believe there's a little bit of a cowgirl hiding in us women. I'm determined my next pet will be named "Cowboy" even if it's a chicken LOL
I love the photo of you dusting and your dog is watching you so closely LOL

Anonymous said...

Cutest aprons ever! I've never wanted to wear an apron, much less do housework but you make me wanna don a fabulous apron and vacuum!


City Chic & Country Mouse said...

oh I love horses! A perfect theme for cute aprons!

Sizzle and Zoom said...

I love the aprons you chose to wear. The yellow was the winner for me with the horses and cowgirls. Nice photos, too of the horses. Love the last shot. What a beauty.

Becky said...

You are so punny!

I bet if we could see your dog's face as you dust he's giving a "what the heck is she doing?" look. ;) said...

Actually, Becky, she's waiting for the perfect moment to pounce and steal the duster! She's hates the dern thing:)

donna said...

Your aprons are so cute and inspiring.

Suzanne said...

Could you be any cuter or craftier?!? =)

Paula Parrish said...

Hello Cindy,
I love the photos of the horses. I grew up in very small town in the Midwest filled with farms, horses, pigs, cows, corn fields and many cowgirls (me included). I enjoyed horse backing riding as a child and thru my teenage years. I love your new aprons! I hope that your show this weekend is a huge success.
Smiles, Paula

Julie Harward said...

Hi there, thanks for your visit. I love your blog too..and I see we both love aprons too! I am adding you to my blog list and am going to follow you..come say hi any time :D

Tracy said...

Got me curious about Cowboys and Corn...

I did a little research:
Corn-Cracker - The nickname for a native of Kentucky.

Corn-Dodger - A kind of cake made of Indian corn, and baked very hard.

Corned - Drunk.

Corn-Juice - Whisky.

(Western Slang: said...

Good finds, Tracy! Here's another: corny! As in, "My post was so corny!"

Janie E said...

I just love those retro cowgirls! ;p