Thursday, February 3, 2011

Master Bedroom Re-Do

We remodeled and redecorated our master bedroom and I wanted to share the results with you...

First, a little description of the "before" space...the master bedroom and bathroom are the only two rooms on our top floor; it was built as a big loft, bad blue carpet included, had a spiral staircase leading up (more about THAT in a future blog!) and no walk-in closet - can you imagine no walk-in closet?!  Here's a look up at the loft from the first floor before we began our re-do:

I took this picture when I was touring the home before we bought it:

(Note the rectangle "window to nowhere" above the bed.  Seriously, it looked out over blank space way above our dining room on the first floor - silly!)

And the closets were seriously inadequate!  Built for dolls?  We couldn't even hang a dress or pair of slacks!:

(This railing overlooked the first floor foyer below.)

Here is what we did...

Built a walk-in closet - yay!  We had the open space (where the railing was) filled with a closet.

(Master walk-in closet)

It's very tall and we're utilizing all of the vertical space:

We had the "window to nowhere" filled:

Filling the wall now is an old, metal tin piece that we milk-painted and flanked with two plastic (yep, you'd never know!) candle sconces that I picked up for $2 each!  They were originally a brilliant gold color but with a little spray paint, they look shabby chic now!

I updated an old table we had with a little of the same spray paint and now it serves as my nightstand:

Perched atop each of the nightstands sits these pretty lamps I picked up from Home Goods (gawd, I LOVE that store!):

One of my favorite tresures in this space is this lamp I found at Target:

($9 on clearance - gotta love a great bargain!)

We tore out the blue carpet and had neutral carpet installed:

(View as you enter the bedroom and round the corner to the right.)

We had walls installed to close up the loft space.  Yay! Our bedroom now has a door and walls:

We switched out the door knobs for these vintage reproductions:

We kept the one "normal" sized closet that is to the right of the bedroom door - just enough room in it for Paul's things:

And we filled the two "nooks:"

I've never decorated a room with so much neutral before because I LOVE color.  But because of the odd ceiling angles I decided to go with color on just one wall.  I am very pleased with how the black headboard pops against the green:

I think it's very pretty without being too feminne.  Not that I'm against fru-fru...check out this bed designed by Moschino at the Maison Moschino hotel in Milan!

(It's a retro ballgown bed - fabu!)

I am in love with our bedroom now - it's a very calming and serene space where the first thing we see when we wake up are the beautiful trees outside the windows.  Ahhhh.

Amusing ourselves again:

(Making the bed in my Retro Revival "Cherry Poppin' Mama" apron.)

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Cindy said...

Cindy what ah awesome transformation!! I bet if the old homeowners could see it now....they would want it
Lurve...the green walls with the black!!

Your maid looks

Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

Betty Lou said...

Like the new look-----very modern/retro or is retro/modern. Good job!

Becky said...

Tis beautiful! I do love the one color pop wall.

Anonymous said...

what an amazing re-do. I love it!

Anonymous said...

well done with all ur hard work-im trying to get my hubby at present to help me re-do our house.

from zoe ross

Somerset Wedding Gal said...

It looks totally fabulous! I'm jealous of the walk in closet.