Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cindy's Got a Brand New Bag

Forget Papa!  I've got a brand new bag - da na na na na na na, HEY!

I'm obsessed with the purse my BFF Melanie gave me for Christmas.  Isn't it gorg?!

(Fantastically pewter colored, buttery leather and four big flowers.)

Actually, I'm obsessed with purses in general and some might accuse me of having too many.  Pfft!  A few of my favorites...

My furry purse:

Melanie gave me this one too!  Doesn't every gal need a furry purse?!

My authentic, 1950's powder blue, frame bag:

My retro red purse:

That has a surprise orange interior:

And even though I certainly have enough purses, I still have purse envy:

(My daughter's fabu lavender flower purse)

This isn't in my closet today but it will be when I win the lottery:
(Lulu Guinness Spring 2011 collection)

And this pink one too, from VixVintage

(I need a vintage pink purse!)

OK, that's it regarding my purse obsession.  For now.  I'm going to end this post and go admire my flower purse again.  And probably dance around to James Brown for a little while longer!

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Betty Lou said...

Both you and your friend have good taste in bags. Love the little red one.

Into Vintage said...

What is it about purses?! The little gingham one is too cute but then again so is the red one. And the blue one. :-)

Thanks so much for the giveaway too. I'm a longtime fan of Anne Taintor. -amy

Mary Lea said...

Ah ...purses...a secret obsession of mine as well!!
Love the giveaway too!

Becky said...

You are too too funny! I love purses too but I generally don't carry one unless I am toting my knitting around.

donna said...

Wow I just love your purses. I think they are all my favorite.

LAUREN said...

Love the pink frame purse - wouldn't be able to resist it!

Janie E said...

How many ways can one say "Love" when it comes to shoes and purses? LOL! ;p