Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Retro Revival Launches a Men's Aprons Line!

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Well, I resisted the idea of making men's aprons for a year and have finally relented.  Last week I offically launched my new line of Men's Aprons - yay!

I resisted because in order for me to create beautiful things I need to work with beautiful materials and didn't think "pretty" or even cute or kitschy when considering a man's apron.  At each one of my craft fairs, and via many email requests, I was asked by women if I had any men's aprons - I finally caved.  Ha!

AND, I finally found some cute fabric.  Well, not too cute!  I think I found the right fabric - that is, cute enough to attract a woman but not so cute that her man wouldn't want to wear it!

I designed a simple, chef-style that slips comfortably over the head, ties behind the waist and features a big front pocket with two compartments.

Then I had to sweet talk my sweetheart into modeling them for me!  I'm obviously biased BUT I think he's the most handsome male model ever!

To date, I have four different fabrics from which to choose:

I'll add more as I find additional, perfect fabrics but in the meantime, you can find these at Retro Revival.

Please visit me again on Thursday, December 9th because I have a very special blog giveaway announcement!  Think you're gonna love it!

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