Friday, July 16, 2010

Happy Shower Cap Customer

It's not often that my customers send me pictures modeling their Retro Revival shower caps.  Despite being super cute, well fitting, waterproof and washable, they ARE a bit goofy but oh so necessary for keeping our tresses dry and freeze-free while we bathe!  So imagine my delight when Happy not only posed for a pix but blogged about it (July 16th blog entry)!  She's a hoot and I got a good chuckle reading this:
Thank you, Happy!  You look lovely!
I have lots of kitschy and pretty caps available at
Here's a sneak peek:
Not only are my caps pretty, but they're very practical and hold a ton of hair, as evidenced by my sweet niece Cecilia:
The attention to detail makes these shower caps perfect for gift-giving -- for yourself or a loved one.  And they're just the excuse for tossing that moldy, old plastic cap you grabbed from the hotel!


Anonymous said...

such cute shower caps!

Natalie said...

your shower caps are SO cute and the best!!!