Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Super Deep Fried Super Bowl Sunday

Ever get an idea and then really go crazy with it?  Captain Project wanted to try making his delicious fried chicken in the turkey fryer on Sunday.  When putting together the grocery list, we kept adding things that we wanted to fry (previously, we'd only used the turkey fryer for, well, turkey!).
I present you with pictures of "Paul and Cindy's 1st Annual (because we'd die if we ate like this all the time!) Super Deep Fried Super Bowl Sunday!"
Corn on the cob and Brussels sprouts:
Made Paula Deen's recipe for hush puppies:
A few wings:
And finally the chicken that started this whole, crazy idea:
For dessert we wanted to try something I found on Pinterest ~ deep frying Little Debbie Strawberry Cheese Cake Rolls but our grocery doesn't carry them.  Instead, I mixed together some cherry pie filling, raspberry jam and cream cheese and rolled them with wonton papers:
I popped them in the freezer to keep while we started the "fry fest" and they stuck together like glue.  Could NOT get them apart without tearing the wrappers and ruining them!
Just as well because we realized deep fried berry desserts in peanut oil would be pretty gross.  I suggested we both just pop a Lipitor for dessert!
It was all delicious!  And as I type this I swear I'm still full!  And getting ready to hit the gym.  Obviously.

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Linda said...

Everything looks so good! You have a lovely blog. :)