Thursday, January 22, 2015

Whimsical Art by Felice Kite

I want to introduce you to Felice Kite!

Felice has a beautiful family ~ husband John and two gorgeous and bright teenage daughters.  She has a BS in Interior Design from Virginia Tech.  In addition to her interior design work, she began painting about five years ago.

Felice and I knew each other in high school and recently reconnected through Facebook.  Long story short, I commissioned her to paint a piece for my studio.  Here it is:

Isn't it awesome?!  It's SO me!

Then she transformed this cabinet:

...into this!

I love them!  So colorful and fun ~ I smile every time I walk by them!

Felice is such a doll, so cheerful and sweet.  And so thoughtful!  Look what she surprised me with when I went to her home to pick up the wall art and cabinet:

Eke!  The (doggie) love of my life!  Felice expertly and beautifully captured exactly what Twyla looks like.  Look at the painting next to the photo she used as inspiration:
And I absolutely love how she framed the portrait.

I could go on and on about how much I love the pieces she made for me.  Seriously.  But I'll move on and show you some of her other work...

She really enjoys creating word art like these pieces:
Painting pet portraits is a fairly new endeavor for Felice.  Since painting her first one about a year ago, she's sold over a 130 of them.  Look at these cuties:
Felice also shares my love of the ocean and finds lots of inspiration at the beach.  Her mermaid paintings are quite popular:
In the summertime, in July, you can find Felice at Carolina Beach Farmer's Market on Saturdays and at Kure Beach Farmer's Market on Tuesday.  A beach trip AND art ~ perfect!
Felice counts her wonderful family (including her parents and sister) and friends as wonderful supporters of her art and business.  She says, "How did I get so lucky?  I will chase this dream forever.  It is a great life!"
I feel very lucky to have reconnected with her!
Please head over to Felice's Facbeook page and give her a like.  And if you'd like her to paint you something special, just FB message her!

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Becky said...

The pet portraits are fabulous! Very talented friend!