Thursday, December 12, 2013

Family Fun in Philly

Captain Project and I visited our Daughter and son-in-law in Philly over the weekend.
Oh, how we love them!  And we love their city.
The night we arrived, Natalie surprised me with my Christmas gift.  Tickets to Pink!  I love Pink!  The seats were amazing in the 17th row on the floor.  Being there with the world's best daughter ~ screaming, singing to all of the songs, hugging and holding hands gave me goose bumps.
(Hard to tell but that's Pink as she began to soar above us!)
I was so happy and so full of excitement, well, I was a bit overwhelmed by Natalie's thoughtfulness and generosity.  I was simultaneously teary eyed and smiling the entire night!  I'll remember this night forever.
The next day we walked all over the city, did a little shopping, ate way too much, and laughed.  A lot.
We capped off the weekend by ice skating near the pier.  It was a magical night with beautiful lights everywhere and Christmas music piped throughout the venue.
In case you're wondering about my terribly chic hat...I'd forgotten mine and borrowed Daniel's "happy hat."  Yep, that's what he calls it.  It definitely elicited lots of chuckles as I walked all over Philly wearing this thing!  Sure kept me warm though.
Hope you're all keeping warm.  Don't know about you, but it's ridiculously cold here in DC.  My poor Florida bones aren't used to this white stuff!


Betty Lou said...

Everyone should have a Happy Hat, and wear it every day. Sounds like a wonderful weekend with daughter.

OdetoMrs.KatzCohn said...

Sounds like fun time! And I love the "happy hat"!! At least your Florida head is warm. :)


Becky said...

Your daughter rocks! What a superb surprise!

Michaele said...

What fun. You really lived it up. I am not sure I could put on skates. The hat looks super warm. Let 'em laugh.

Saimi said...

Lucky girl!!! Wow you saw Pink, what FUN! Actually your whole weekend looked like fun!!

Perfectly Printed said...

What a fun weekend!!! It's been pretty cold here in California....we aren't used to it either!

CoriLynn said...

I hear ya about the cold! Not meant for my California bones either!!
Any post involving you with your daughter, inevitably becomes one of my favorites! You two are just so adorable together! The happiness literally glows around you! It is an awesome thing to see!
~xoxo, CoriLynn