Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Fabulous Fountains at the Historic Breakers Palm Beach

I enjoyed a lovely four days away from the cold weather in Virginia to tag along with Captain Project to The Breakers in Palm Beach last week.  While he was busy working hard I managed to wile away my days lounging about this gorgeous historic inn (built in 1901) laid out right against the ocean.
The inn itself is unbelievably beautiful and dripping with gilt from floor to ceiling.  My favorite things though are all of the old fountains ~ there must be dozens of them.
Here are a few shots I managed to snap in between reclining and sipping fruity cocktails...
I felt a little bad that Captain Project was stuck inside all week but managed to get over that pretty quickly!
Today I'm back at Retro Revival sewing like a mad woman to keep up with all of my holiday orders that are pouring in.  Thinking I'll pretend the hum of my sewing machine is really the sound of the waves at The Breakers!


jonni said...

That's the only way to deal with a Virginia winter - escape to Florida!

Amy Jo said...

It looks beautiful! I wouldn't mind having a fountain like that...although I doubt it would match my house. LOL

Amy Jo

CoriLynn said...

Lovely! I am hating the return of winter! I want to fly South and get out of cold 65 degree Northern Calif. Haha!
~xoxo, CoriLynn