Thursday, April 19, 2012

Antique Wire Planter on our Wrap-around Porch

One of my favorite things about our farmhouse?  The wrap-around porch:

It's so big that I've got plenty of room for some special planters which I filled this week with lots of shade-loving plants and impatiens.  Twyla supervised my work:

I found this antique planter years ago at Atlanta's Lakewood Antiques (sadly, now closed):

I manage to squeeze 18 mini potted plants onto it:

I love the curly-qs, and how, over the years, it's become a bit chippy and rusty:

I nabbed this planter shortly after we moved into this house ~ it was displaying candles in a furniture store and I asked the owner if she'd sell it to me (think I embarrassed my shopping companion!) and she said yes!

Even though it's new, because of our high humidity, it too is becoming a bit rusty.  I really like the top of it, with its curvy lines:

Now that the plantings are finished, it's time for a glass of pink lemonade.

(This is my Retro Revival "1940's Daisy Mae" apron)

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chrisartist said...

Hi Cindy
I live way too far away to enter your giveaway but wanted to say how nice your home looks. Love your planters.

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Retro farmhouse, love it!!!

delia hornbook said...

Wow your farmhouse is beautiful and huge. Love the planters, dee x

Betty Lou said...

I love, love, love your farm house and the big wrap around porch. I can envision many lazy afternoons napping and sipping lemonade.

LBP said...

Your porch is so pretty. Can I join you there for a cold glass of iced tea??



Missy Shay said...

I love your porch! The flowers are so pretty, I kill everything so I never have flowers.

Diana and LaDonna said...

I love, love, love your porch! I've always loved wrap around porches! And even though my porch is small, I'm very happy to have a front porch that we can call our own!


Little Susie Home Maker said...

My favorite is old style farm house with a wrap around porch! Or in other words.. your house! I adore this look, and the wire plant stands are so "rustic"! I like your boldness in asking for them to sell it to you. If you don't ask, well you won't ever know! Your porch is very charming.

Michelle said...

Your planters are so pretty! And I LOVE your wrap around porch, that is something that I would absolutely love to have!

Sizzle and Zoom said...

Love your home and the wonderful planters you've found.

Mimos da Claralú! said...

Your plants are beautiful and I felt like this lemonade. ... Here in Brazil we do not have pink lemonade, I can only take when I go to dinner with my family at Applebee's.
The lime that we use here is green!
So, everything is beautiful, congratulations!

My Vintage Mending said...

I don't think I can come over have my official favorite find! I have found them twice. One sold before I could stake my claim and the other was not for sale. Clearly you took the last one on earth! (I know you know I am kidding...) Smiles...Renee

Julie said...

You have a beautiful farmhouse. And Twyla is darling. We always had beagles when I was growing up. They're a fun dog: sweet and loveable, but boy, do they have minds of their own!

Recycled Relix said...

Hi Cindy, I love your planters - they are gorgeous!! What finds! Love the photo's, Cathy

Jann Olson said...

Oh Cindy, I have always longed for a wrap around porch. Wish I was sipping lemonade with you. You rarely see them here in UT. When we were looking to move one stipulation was that I HAD to have a porch. I got one, but not a wrap around. The planter is so darling. I too love that it's became a bit rustified. A little charm has been added there. I just bought a vintage baby bathtub filled with plants yesterday. I have wanted one for some time. Finally bit the bullet and bought it. Happy early Mother's Day to me! Love the tin! You are always so generous.

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

I love my front porch...and can ONLY imagine just how fun it would be if it wrapped around the would mean more scrounging for wicker!! Love your planters....can't wait to be planting our flowers wayyyy up north :)

BeautifulDees said...

Oh your porch look's alot like mine...mine doesnt wrap around though I wish it did.
Thank you for your sweet comment's about Dustin...he is on the improve and home.

Mimos da Claralú! said...

Oh dear! I'm not going to redecorate, I would have to change everything in my house because the styles of homes here in Brazil are very different, very modern!
I wish I could! And apart from that shabby chic is very expensive here.
Maybe in my new home on the farm? I want to do a country-style decor and I can make myself some parts shabby! What do you think?
Thanks for visiting and for the sweet words.
Come back forever!
hugs xoxoxo

donna said...

Oh Miss Cindy I love your porch. You have done some beautiful things with it. Twyla is just precious how can you resist her eyes?

Colleen said...

Cindy, your porch is lovely and your house is gorgeous! Thank you for sharing.

Betsy said...

Oh how I love your farmhouse with it's wonderful front porch. These pictures were just what I needed on this chilly day in Indiana. I collect trays like these, but don't have this one!


grammycarolynn (flickr) said...

Dear Cindy,
Oh, how I love your darling blog with it's country charm and vintage displays! Your lovely flowers so neatly planted and situated in your antique planters are such a delight!
What would we do it we didn't have our sweet pets supervising out daily chores?!
thank you for sharing your sweet life in the country, my friend!
Carolynn..."Chenille Cottage" (My new blog) I hope you'll pop in for a visit!

Perfectly Printed said...

Something I hope I'll have one day...a porch and maybe,just maybe a wrap around porch/
A girl can dream can't she?