Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Flag Day

Today is Flag Day in America.  When I was a kid Flag Day was a big deal.  We celebrated it in school, our family and all of our neighbors hosited their flags on their porches and our town actually had a parade!

Today, not so much {heavy sigh...}.

We've been flying an American flag at our home, well forever.

This is our new flag.  The old one was a bit too crudy for Captain Project's taste, even though I did my best to wash out the green mildew growing on it.  Eewwhh!  Can't help it here in hot, humid Florida!  I actually kind of liked the look, a bit worn and tattered by the elements.  But CP (retired military man, remember) has expalined to me on numerous occassions that it's disrespectful to allow our flag to get all crudy (click here for flag etiquette).  Yeah, OK, but I like the patina-ed look!

Ah, well.  Since there are no public celebrations in our town today or this week to celebrate Flag Day, I'll share a few American flag facts and my own trivia with you...

Flag Day was made a permanent observance in America in 1949 by Congress who resolved "That the 14th day of June of each year is hereby designated as Flag Day."

Betsy Ross:  Perhaps America's most famous seamstress (did you know she ran an upholstery business?), stitched our first flag at the request of George Washington.

The "Betsy" apron, Retro Revival's patrioritc take on Old Glory:

The proper way to retire a flag is to burn it ~ don't toss it in the trash!

Francis Scott Key composed "Star Spangled Banner," which officially became our national anthem in 1931. 

People who study flags are called Vexillologists.

The tip of a Beagle's tail is called a flag.  Twyla proudly waves hers all the time:

In the 1920's flagpole-sitting was all the rage.  Pre-reality TV, it entertained and amused millions of Americans.  The most famous sitter was Paul "Shipwreck" Kelly, who set the world's record for flagpole sitting by staying aloft for 23 days!  He eventually broke his own record by sitting on a flagpole for 49 days!

(Shipwreck Kelly claimed to have survived the sinking of the Titanic)

Happy Flag Day all!

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WinnibriggsHouse said...

Thanks for a very entertaining and informative post. I never realised how much there was to know about'flags', but have to say I'm with you preferring mine faded and slightly worn!

LaDonna and Diana said...

Thanks for flying the flag! It's sad how far away from those days our country is now. Your new flag looks great!


Fabiana said...

CUTE, CUTE, CUTE! God bless America!


retrorevival.biz said...

Welcome to my blog, Melody!

Sizzle and Zoom said...

I forgot it was flag day but thankfully my hubby remembered. Thank-you for all the new info. Would love to try Paula's products!

Betty Lou said...

Great information Cindy, I just don't know where I will use it, but it is good to know the record for flag pole sitting. I may want to try it someday.

Paula Parrish said...

Hello Cindy,
I love your new flag it is absolutely gorgeous. Ah www what a cute shot of Twyla! My father has shared a lot of story’s with me about Flag Day! He is some what of a history buff or you can just say fe loves to talk {really loves to talk}. When I visit him in Wisconsin we stay up all most all night talking {I secretly love each hour with Dad}. Thanks for sharing! Happy belated flag day!
Smiles, Paula

Julie Harward said...

Love your new flag, it looks so nice there. Love the apron too..darling. The guy sitting on the flag pole gives me the heebie-jeebies! ;D