Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy & Stylish Customers

One of my MOST FAVORITE things is receiving pictures of my happy customers modeling their Retro Revival wear!  It doesn't happen very often as people are busy, busy, busy, but when it does, it really brightens my day!

(Melinda wearing her 1940's Style "Secret Garden" apron)

(Lois modeling her 1950's Style "Flatware Fancy" Apron)

(Abby modeling her "Mod Swirls & Flowers" waterproof, washable shower cap)

(On left, Amelia modeling her 1950's Style "How to Get a Husband" apron and Natalie on right modeling her 1950's Style "I Love Lucy" apron)

(Bonnie modeling her 1950's Style "Happy Hannukah" apron)

We'd all love to see YOU too, so send me a picture!  I'll make you famous here - hee hee:)

The month is nearly over so please be sure to scroll down to my December 9th post, read about this month's giveaway and comment there - you'll be entered to win this fabu vintage fabric apron!  Drawing is December 31st.  Good luck!

1 comment:

Tracy said...

Just wanted to say THANKS!!! for your blog this year I've really enjoyed it. AND when I get home from work today I promise to have Mark take my picture in my Retro Revival CHRISTMAS Apron!!!!! :) I do love it.