Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Brief Vacay to a Historical Paradise

How lucky am I?!  My husband's employer held their annual meeting in Palm Beach at The Breakers and I got to tag along!  Exhausted (and elated) from my first two big craft fairs, I jumped at the chance to accompany Paul to this historical paradise for a few days of lazing and relaxing!

For those of you not familiar with The Breakers, it was originally built in 1896 by Henry Flager, a wealthy railroad baron and business partner of John D. Rockerfeller.  These barons were all about luxury and no detail was ignored...

...There are gloriously painted ceilings everywhere:

...Archways around almost every corner:

...Lovely gardens:

...So many fountains that I lost count:

...And best of all, it sits on the shores of Palm Beach!

Aaaahhh, an amazing way to spend four days!

I am always so proud of Paul and I know I'm lucky to have such an amazing husband:)  And now, he's officially a star...

...He was on Fox News talking about Smart Grid!  It was sooooo exciting seeing him on live TV!  Click on this YouTube link and you can watch it.

Hope you're all enjoying the beginning of Fall!  Remember to leave a comment so you'll be automatically entered to win this month's giveaway - yay!

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