Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Where the Wild Things Are!

Fall's here in central Florida and the weather's absolutely glorious!  After a sweltering hot and humid summer, we're thoroughly enjoying the best thing about living here - mild temperatures, low humidity and gentle breezes for the next six or seven months - yay!  Twyla and spent the day inside sewing and taking care of last minute preparations for my big show this weekend (McIntosh) then rewarded ourselves with a little front porch time late yesterday as the sun began to set.

I enjoy lazing on the porch wicker swing...

...or relaxing on the double glider...

...watching the wild turkeys peck their way across our property...

Sometimes we'll catch the wild piggies make an appearance:

*Viewer discretion advised*
A while back we caught the lizards “gettin’ busy on the porch banister!

Other sightings have included moles, rabbits, armadillos, an occassional snake, a bobcat and even a BEAR!  Eventually I'll snap a decent photo of the moles, rabbits and armadillos but extreme willies, fright and speed (mine as I tear off in the opposisite direction) prove I'll likely never capture the snakes, bobcat and bears - yikes!

Instead, I'll make like Carol here and hide from the scarier critters and beasts!

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Becky said...

Those piggies are cute! Wild turkeys freak me out. I have nothing to say about exhibitionist leezards. Some of them live here too - heehee and have I told you my stray cat/bobcat story?

Cindy said...

My goodness..I thought I lived in the boonies..you girl have that hands down!!
Keep safe!

Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

retrorevival.biz said...

Becky - hahahaha! YES, you shared the story with me but I'd love for you to share it here with everyone:)

Gingerella said...

Wild piggies.....love it! Though I'd be terrified of running into the bears or snakes, yikes. The wildest thing I have to worry about running into in my yard is the occasional possum, thank goodness. Love your front porch!

debbie said...

Hope you did well at the McIntosh show. I met you there, and love, love, love your aprons!
I too live in the boonies, on 450 acre horse farm.
I like your site, will keep up with it, and hope you will check out mine.
I'm going to put your link in a post I will write this week.