Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mad Men is Returning!

Mad Men season 4 returns in just a couple of days, on July 25th -- I'm giddy with anticipation!  Love, love, love this show, especially the fabu early 1960's fashion and the dum-dum-dum dramatic story lines!

Not only are the clothes to die for, but Betty can rock an updo:
This particular 'do was so high and twisty I was dizzy with amazement; I had to pause the TV to get a better look at it!
is hinting that the ladylike outfits worn by the female characters will be replaced by the "mod" look of 1964 (where the series picks back up).  Mini skirts and go-go boots?  Hmmm, this should be interesting.
While cruising through the blog I stumbled into their "store" and found Mad Men Barbies!
Smart move on Mattel's part -- like so many other designers and retailers, they're riding the poplularity wave of the series.  Betty and Don Draper, Roger Sterling and Joan Holloway are now dolls styled in the super cool clothing and accessories from the show.
As an apron lover and creator, I can't get enough of seeing the Draper's housekeeper, Carla.  I wish they'd expand her character but in the meantime, I'm intrigued by the aprons she wears in almost every one of her scenes.
About a year ago I picked up my own version of a "Betty Draper" dress at my local thrift shop.  I couldn't believe I found this and paid just $6.00 for it!  It's a little snug across the top but if I sit/stand up straight it's not too bad.  Here's my best, ladylike pose:
If you happen to be in need of a retro apron, reminescent of Mad Men, how about...
..."American Beauty-Blue?" I made this apron by repurposing an authentic, vintage, 1950's tablecloth.  It's so pretty with its vibrant flowers and long waist ties that adjust to fit and flatter almost any flirtatious figure (gee, wouldn't Carla look pretty in this?!). Check out my online store at to view my entire apron line.
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Becky said...

Can't wait! You look fab in your Betty dress.

Mary said...

I just found your blog compliments of Cindy over at Rick Rack and Gingham. And may I say I just love your blog. Reading down through some of your post I was in complete ENVY when I saw you met one of the American Pickers!!! That is the best show around.
Again love your blog!

Aunt Pitty Pat's Fun said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment ;) ... As you can see I really like your re-cycled items. I can hardly wait to find the time to browse through your blog. I am sure there is so many wonderful articles to catch up on.
Once again thanks for stopping bye! I loved the apron in this post.. I keep looking for vintage table cloths.. but haven't found any yet.. I have a fun pattern to use on one.. but so far in my area no luck. I might have to go to farm auctions again to find what I need :)
Enjoy your hunt for just the right items to re-purpose.

Claire@AreWeNearlyThereYet said...

I am one of ample bussom!!! So your dress would have no chance on me ha ha! You look gorgeous though, I love it! xxx

Janie E said...

Cindy, you know I LOVE Mad Men! Our wedding dinner was in the MM theme. I am borrowing my mom's clothing to update my current wardrobe--and Claire: we are both ample in the bosom--this is a perfect style for us! ;p