Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I Love Meeting My Customers!

The most satisfying thing about my business is meeting my customers and seeing the smiles on their faces when they don one of my creations!  Of course this doesn't happen often as my shop is online (http://www.retrorevival.biz/cart/) but last weekend I happened to be in San Diego for my niece's high school graduation and not far away, in Solana Beach, was Claire...
Claire owns Claire's on Cedros (http://www.clairesoncedros.com/), a delightful cafe and bakery just a block or so from the beach.
Opening her cafe less than a year ago she has experienced amazing success as evidenced by the busy flow of customers enjoying the delicious meals in an envrironmentally sustainable building that offers both indoor and outdoor seating.
They also welcome dogs!
My sister, niece and I quickly scarfed our meals -- before I thought to take a picture!  (I had the fish tacos--mmmmmm!)  So Claire invited me back into her kitchen so that I could snap a few shots; this is one of her scrumptious, fresh salads:
So if you're in the Solana Beach area, please be sure to stop by Claire's for a meal, a yummy, baked goodie or pick up a jar of homemade jam...
...and you may just see Claire in her Retro Revival "Mrs. Cleaver's Kitchen" apron!
After lunch at Claire's we walked a couple of blocks to Solana Beach's shopping district and then drove over to Ocean Beach so that I could snag a few vintage linens for my business.  I hit the jackpot!  Found about 20 pieces that I will carefully launder and repurpose into fabulous Retro Revival aprons!
While antiquing we came across a few interesting items that I would've loved to have bought but they wouldn't have fit in my suitcase, including this antique, tin bathtub:
I've never seen such a thing and thought it was very unusual.  We also saw this gigantic painting of Jane Mansfield:
One more piece of antiquing eye candy.  Remember those inexpensive, kitschy, ceramic flower dishes that used to come with an arrangement?  They're selling like hot cakes now; who knew?!
My trip to San Diego ended spectacularly with Cecilia's graduation.  Of course every high school graduate is to be commended -- suffering through the usual teenage angst while maintaining grades -- but Cecilia's journey was especially unique, having endured a liver transplant and traumatic head injury her sophomore year.  It is amazing that though having missed almost an entire year of classes she graduated, ON TIME, with good grades and with plans to attend Mira Mesa College in the fall!  She is one inspiring young woman and our family is immensely proud of her.
If you'd like to share a picture of yourself in a Retro Revival apron we'd all LOVE to see it; leave it here as a comment and you're automatically entered to win our June blog giveaway (drawing 6/30):


Anonymous said...

love the mrs. cleaver's apron! so cute! ~ Georgia

Natalie said...

Cecilia looks so happy!

Tracy said...

The Doggie Drink is so cool! May have to get a dog! As usually the apron's are the bees knees! Just curious is the 'dummy' infront of Jayne Mansfield normal size - if so she's HUGE! just sayin'

Becky said...

Congratulations to your niece!!! What a high school experience she had - wow!

Your side trip to Claire's and shopping looks like it twas loads of fun!

ohiostar5 said...

Enjoyed reading about your trip to Birmingham Produce and Market------I could almost taste the peaches. Congratulations on your first apron outlet. BettyLou