Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mmmmm Pie!

A couple of weeks ago Retro Revival exhibited at the 9th Annual American Pie Festival (sponsored by Crisco) in Celebration, Florida.  My dear friend Renee flew down from Bloomington, Indiana to help with the show -- how great is she?

With over 20,000 visitors the place was seriously buzzing and the tent had a steady stream of apron-loving women (and some men -- mostly buying for their wives and mothers).
Most of my customers shared their apron-wearing adventures and memories of their mothers and grandmothers with me; pile on the fact that everyone there loved pie and it was possibly the happiest place on earth that day!  We had a great time and nearly sold out of the 95 aprons I took to the Festival -- yay!
 In addition to the aprons, we also debuted three new products -- hand crafted pot holders and oven mitts:
(Many of the pot holders and oven mitts match or coordinate with Retro Revival aprons)
And eye/sun glass cases:
(Don't forget to comment on this blog for automatic entry into the May Blog Giveaway where you can win a lovely glasses case!)
Within a few weeks I expect to have these new products loaded onto my website, http://www.retrorevival.biz/cart/
At one point during the Festival, I stole a few minutes away from the tent and met "The Pie Man:"
And hitched a ride on the Pie Cart (look at the pie detail on the roof!):
And then the "Pie Girls" visited us!
Each girl represented a different type of pie: blueberry, lemon meringue and cherry; the hems of their dresses were sewn to look like pie crust and their sashes said Sweetie Pie, Cutie Pie and Sugar Pie.  Very cleverly designed and just adorable!
A huge THANK YOU to all of you who came out to shop and munch on pie! We had an absolute blast - from a punchy and hilarious early morning setup, through hours of selling and interacting with the most delightful customers, right up to our celebratory dinner at iHop. Yum, a pancake dinner was the perfect ending to an exhausting yet totally satisfying and successful weekend!
(One of my customers Jennifer, along with her beautiful baby girl, Julie)

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Beam me over scottie! why oh why can't english craft fairs be like this!

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Speaksy soon hopefully :)

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