Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Win a Russian Bride -- REALLY?!

What’s better than a nice glass of wine after a long day, or in my case, a long weekend showing my Retro Revival wares at a craft fair?!  I found this wine at the grocery last week and just couldn’t resist the retro labeling – isn’t it a riot?

Not only is the front label eye catching but the back is quite witty and made me giggle; had to buy it!
Paul and I popped the cork and enjoyed the Merlot last night -- it was very good.  The retro, kitschy labeling on this bottle got me to thinking about advertising and marketing of the 1950's and how it was often targeted at the "perfect" housewife and how she should cater appropriately to her man...did a little bit of searching found a few funny examples to share with you:
I know the text is very difficult to read (couldn't increase the size) so here is part of what it says:
"When a grass cutting husband labors in the sun it's a wise wife who delivers Schlitz to the hammock."
This vodka ad is real!  I think it'd be offensive if it weren't so funny.  Makes me wonder if she took a sip to numb the pain of the druggery?
And look at this one!  The ad men at Schlitz must've worked overtime reinforcing their ideals of the perfect housewife:
And not to be outdone, this beer company was concerned with women maintaining their impossibly teeny, tiny waist lines!
Well, back to the year 2010 and cheers to the fact that we can laugh at these silly, old ads but still appreciate pieces of retro and vintage in our modern lives today.  If you're searching for the perfect kitschy nod to the past, check out http://www.RetroRevival.Biz/ where you can find retro apons, shower caps, dish towels and other goodies for yourself, friends and family.
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Anonymous said...

hilarious! these ads fit perfectly with your new retro dish towels that are adorable and funny. ~ Georgia

Suzanne said...

What?? You mean this ISN'T how the modern-day "housewife" is supposed to act?!? Hmmmm, note to self...don't listen to everything Eric says. LOL! Cute, cute, cute!