Monday, January 4, 2010

Why I Use a Shower Cap

My hair is naturally curly and a bit frizzy, especially when it’s exposed to humidity (did I mention I live in Florida where it’s almost always humid?!). Straight haired people have always told me, “You’re so lucky to have curl in your hair,” but like so many people, I want what I don’t have – sleek, shiny, straight hair and I work hard to achieve it. After an hour-plus of shampooing, conditioning, blow drying and flat ironing my hair, it will usually look straight for at least two days so I use a shower cap to keep it dry when I bathe. A well made, waterproof, washable shower cap is an essential part of my beauty routine and I’d really be a frizzy mess without it!

This leads me to think back to the “old” days…remember what our mothers did? Women of that generation would visit their beauty parlor once a week to have their hair washed, dried, set and styled. They’d wear a hair bonnet or shower cap to bed each night and while bathing so that their hairstyle would last all week before going back to the beauty parlor the next week to begin the process all over again! Back in those days, including many years while I was growing up, most households didn’t own hairdryers, electric rollers, and certainly not flat irons. I remember as a very young girl my mother washing my hair in the utility sink in the basement every Saturday then sitting me at the kitchen table under a giant hair dryer like the one pictured below – this was high tech!

It wasn’t until I was a teenager in the late 1970’s that handheld hair dryers became commonplace and I received one for my 15th birthday – what a treat! The first hand held dryer was invented in 1971 and revolutionized the hair industry. No longer did we have to sit under a dryer for long periods of time.

So back to shower caps…how many of you have taken the complimentary shower cap from a hotel stay? And how many of you are embarrassed by how ugly these clear plastic things are? For years I searched, unsuccessfully, for a pretty shower cap until one day I decided to make one for myself. Attacking my unruly stash of fabric scraps I found the perfect, floral cotton material. I cut the fabric into a big circle, lined it with a plastic shower curtain, added coordinating bias tape, a pretty bow and voila, the perfect shower cap! I sewed a couple more models, shared them with friends and family and soon realized, if we all loved these waterproof, washable caps, others would too! Five months later, my Retro Revival shower caps are my best selling product. If you are searching for a pretty and practical shower cap check out the options I offer at www.RetroRevival.Biz. And in the meantime, leave a comment on this blog about why you use a shower cap or your early hair (retro hair dryer products, for example) experiences and you’ll be entered into my first ever GIVEAWAY. I will enter each of your comments and pick one randomly on January 18, 2010 to win this fabulously chic shower cap! If you're not a shower cap user remember that these make excellent gifts.  Can’t wait to hear from you and send you this cap (I only made two of this model from a gorgeous black fabric covered in pretty purses – fabric is long ago discontinued and I can’t buy any more)!


Anonymous said...

I want to buy a quilt. Maybe some day you'll be able to sell them! Beautiful work and beautiful products. Your shower caps and aprons are my favorite. Happy New Year!

debbygirvan said...

Very cute stuff! Have always loved vintage fabrics but have never seen so many in one place! And I remember when blow dryers forst came out. I can't believe we survived 7th grade without one! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Cindy,
Well of course I'm coming on over to show my support and enter in the shower cap give away. I know one little one, who is nine and half and loves to play beauty parlor who would put that adorable cap to very good use. Very nicely done article and love the pic of the old fashioned hair dryer. Oh and I remember your curly hair and love it, course mine resembles Cousin It, lol. Wishing you tons of blessings this new year.

BB said...

Hi Cindy!

I bought two of your shower caps a few months ago, and they are fabulous (so far both for me cause I'm greedy like that, but may purchase more for gifts in the future)! I have a new use for the shower caps that maybe you haven't even thought of! I use them for overnight hair treatments. I follow another blog all about hair - keeping it in good condition and home coloring - and one of the products I bought there is a super awesome overnight hair conditioner. It's recommended to be used after washing hair in the evening, and then left overnight in a treatment cap. At first I was using those disposable plastic caps, but they were itchy and noisy. I found your little store after searching the web for a nice, sturdy, comfortable and reusable shower cap. Your shower caps are exactly what I was looking for!

If anyone's interested, the amazing hair website I follow is killerstrands (google it for precise website). Also, just a thought, but the very nice lady that runs it also has a webstore, and you might talk to her about carrying your caps. She only carries the best, but in my opinion these are. (Sorry I hope I'm not off topic in mentioning this. I should mention that I have no direct or financial affiliation with your or the killerstrands website, aside from being a reader).

Thanks! I'm hitting follow right now!

Shandell's said...

Love these, I searched for a fun shower cap and stumbled across these gems on Etsy.
Spreading the word as fast as I can.
I purchased 2, one for me and the other for a gift.
Cindy, you are very talented, thank you for letting me know about your blog, I will follow religoiusly.

Nat said...

I love my Retro Revival shower cap!

Anonymous said...

I loved the shower caps the first time I saw them! I gave them to my Mom, Mother in Law and step daughter for Christmas. It so nice to have something so useful and so cute!

DonnaK said...

Yes, I'm guilty of taking those ugly shower caps from the hotel and in certain emergencies they have come in handy. I think it's high time I invest in a fabulous Retro Revival shower cap!

Just Mimi said...

I purchased two caps for Christmas gifts. They were a huge hit. I did not get one for myself and regret it. I used my daughter's just yesterday and loved it. They are roomy enough for lots of hair, yet fit well and keep everything good and dry. What a great way to take better care of your hair and not wash away the natural healthy oils daily.

Not to mention how adorable they are! Thanks so much for a great gift and product.